Third Elmo Lawsuit Sounds Familiar

    November 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A third man has come forward with allegations that the man behind Elmo’s voice, Kevin Clash, had a sexual relationship with him when he was 16 years old. Now 28, the man–who is simply going by the name John Doe in legal documents–says he met Clash on a gay chat line in 2000 during a trip to New York, which is a familiar story; the second man to come forward with underage sex allegations said he met the voice actor on a gay sex line in the ’90s when he was a teen.

As with the second accuser, the newest addition to the series of lawsuits says he was given alcohol and “groomed” to be Clash’s lover, and the two continued a sexual relationship after the man turned 18.

“When John was just 16 years old and attending high school, he traveled to the New York area for modeling opportunities,” the accuser’s attorney, Jeff Herman, said in the lawsuit. “At 16 years old, John went on a gay chat line to meet friends who were also gay. John specifically stated his intention on the chat line as non-sexual. John was contacted through the chat line by Kevin Clash. Kevin Clash said his name was Craig and he was 30 years old. Kevin Clash was approximately 40 years old at the time.”

After the first accuser began taking legal action, Clash took a leave of action from “Sesame Street”, where he’s been the voice of Elmo for 28 years. The subsequent allegations, however, have forced him to resign. He stated publicly that he wouldn’t discuss the case–or any other–and considered the matter closed when the first accuser recanted his story and said the two of them had a relationship after he turned 18. He later said he was pressured into recanting, though, and reclaimed his original allegations.

  • andra jones


  • Haha

    I love it how the perps legal team says that there is “no merit”. Really? Three people have come out but there’s no merit involved? What an idiotic thing to say.

  • Tracy Green

    When will this end? All victims needs to come forward and put an end to the madness.

  • Courtney

    I’m starting if the three guys that have come forward are doing this for attention and money..

  • Kim

    First of all it is not an Elmo accuser…it is a Kevin Clash accuser. Elmo has nothing to do with this mess. Also, I keep wondering why these men waited 10-12 years to report these alleged incidents? Sounds like to me like they are just out for a quick buck now that Kevin Clash is making mega bucks…..just sayin’……

    • ShavvoneJ.

      RIGHT?!?!? This is the most sensible comment I have heard or read about this fiasco!! SMH
      Why would they tie this story to ‘ELMO’ and not the perpetrator?

  • sliquid

    its so obvious after watching his documentary on netflix…just didnt think he would risk it all for a nut.

  • shannon evert

    Michael Jackson all over again. I dont believe a word of it. people are so desperate for money these days they will make up anything to get a law suit.

  • Honeyluv

    After seeing the news and looking at the one guy/girl. who’s to say it wasn’t a girl. Enough is enough everyone is out for the buck. Why did it take so long 10-12 years please… or was it that Kevin no long wanted them. Get a life and a job it’s old and we don’t care.

  • http://yahoo Rosei dear

    I am surprised people aren’t making nasty jokes about Elmo, “Look Elmo is going to jail for playing naughty with little boys. Look at Elmo meeting new friends. Hey new friends, Etc…

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  • Awesome44

    Looks like he was tickling more than just ELMO. I’m just saying. Innocent till proven guilty.