Things You Need to Know About Twitter Security

Security Expert Talks Account Hijacking

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  • http://tweetgama.slinkset.com Sandeep

    Twitter security
    Everything is already open!

  • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

    Hackers and spammers have found a new way to spread malwares on a big scale via Twitter. Now Twitter needs to work on its security and secure its users’ profiles otherwise it may lose a lot of loyal customers which is definitely not good for any company.

  • http://www.ebook-site.com Bryan Quinn

    I’ve been aware of these security threats for some time. Twitter is only one thread inside a big ball of wool where security and privacy are intertwined.

    • http://www.skincaretreatments.myarbonne.com/ Webbyzard

      not only that – but now Twitter is not monitoring porn followers either and explicit pictures being sent to me at home and work – it’s not cool – they need to get their stuff together or the service will go down hill as fast as it climbed up

  • http://www.skincaretreatments.myarbonne.com/ Webbyzard

    Yes, my Twitter account was hijacked months ago and lucky me a nice twitter follower sent me a message to warn me about what had just happened. It was horrible, I had to go around all of my SM accounts and change my password b/c a lot of them had the same one – Thank God I had an account spreadsheet with my logins; I went down each one and changed.

  • http://www.posicionamientovalencia.com Carlos

    Be careful with third party software about twiitter.

  • http://www.securelive.net/ Fred Sarhadi

    It will takes a dedicated security system that can really address the exposed areas in Twitter to block the types of breaches that have occurred. Some are real hacks while the rest are simply gaming the system. While our company cannot prevent motivated individuals from gaming Twitter.. we have sent Twitter an invitation to consider deploying our patented software on their system.

    It has been tested by experts to be fail safe.. and we hope Twitter takes us up on the offer. As a regular Twitter user… I want my account to be secure.

  • http://www.lightenupbikes.com Scott

    My account @dollarforgeorge was hacked into resulting in nonsensical tweets being regularly posted to that account. I suspect the it happened after I began using TwitRobot (may not have the name exactly right). I’ve seen one other account with the same sort of babble. I changed my password and that seems to have solved it.

  • http://www.lookman.co.uk Angry Twitterer

    I was suspended for five weeks with no contact. I think everybody you mention it to thinks the worst of you.

    Then I was sent this message nearly a week ago.

    “we do apologize for the wait. It looks like you got caught up in some sort of spam cloud (through no fault of your own). I’ve restored your account; please let me know if you encounter any issues in the future.”

    Happy I sign in and find that little owl still on my screen saying still suspended. I have made several more approaches to complain that no one has switched me on. I now expect to wait at least another month before I hear.

    This time I have changed my sign in. The whole of twitter is full of people claiming they can get you x times a million followers. Twitter do nothing about these application providers, who could be con men.

  • Kathleen

    Wow, now I think I understand the lag time in being able to use my account. Originally started in April ’09, just now able to get back to my profile. What must we do for security? Spreading malware and other negative programs is so counter productive. Who are these people that exhale evil? Truly better to release love and inhale peace and light. Seek beauty inspite of the chaos.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I use Twitter mainly for socially marketing my safety and security web site. So far I haven’t had my account hacked; guess I don’t have enough followers to bother with. Thanks, Chris.

  • PoisonJam

    Sounds like Twitter could be the next MySapce…

    I left MySpace and vowed never to return after the sheer amount of messages I was getting from friends’ who’d had thei accounts hacked.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

    I have not seen or had any problems with security on twitter, I do have more of an issue that twitter has turned into nothing but a marketing tool for website owners and is way over rated now.

  • http://thehiddenverses.blogspot.com Johann Pistorius

    This blog at Google belongs to me. The whole Bible in questions and answers. A homosexual changed the verse “Two will lie on a bed, only one will be taken” to “Two men will lie on a bed, only one will be taken”

  • http://www.abundantace.com/ ace

    The only way to deal with hackers is just lock them up and throw away the key.

  • http://www.asterhost.com/ Web Hosting

    thanks for great article. I didn’t know much about twitter.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    It’s important to be sure about any third party services people sign with before providing their sensitive data. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • http://www.oneelevenmedia.com Website Designers in Sydney

    Regarding 3rd party apps, it’s not just twitter that you should be worry about. Facebook is also another and greater security risk as so many people install games, quizs, calendars and enhancements without realising that by installing these apps, they’re giving the app access to their personal information.

    • http://www.jonharules.blogspot.com Jonha Ducayag Revesencio

      You’re right about not letting these 3rd party applications getting access on your Facebook as access to your Facebook also means access to your email! So be careful about giving out personal information as well as credit card information. Fraud online is becoming pandemic indeed.

  • http://Threads.ecrater.com Former Twitterer

    It’s articles like this that make me glad I stopped hanging around on twitter. I never feel comfortable giving my password to any third parties, no matter how cool the feature. I guess sometimes it pays to be paranoid! LOL :D

    I hope they find a way to stop this though, so many people get hurt.

    Back to the Woodstock revival! :)

    Have a great day and thanks for the great article!

  • http://KevinLankford.com Kevin Lankford

    Thanks for this very informative article.

    Twitter suspended me today(ouch) with no explanation or anything. (except under investigation, whatever that means)

    In their TOS they mention things like malware, but I’m certainly not trying to attack people. It takes to much time to build a twitter page to risk getting it shut down.

    I guess a lot of innocent people will fall under these new security measures. Of course I was unaware that services like tweetlater or ping.fm would open me up to being a target either!

    Social Networks! Two steps forward and 10 steps back!!

    Should I give up?

  • http://potpolitics.com Guest

    Getting your twitter acct hacked or coming by here and seeing you guys went out like suckers and made your links no follow
    NOT COOL peace I’m out
    Mixx just tried that crap

  • http://www.cpasitesolutions.com/ Kenny

    I wonder how much of this is our own fault. Social environments like twitter lure us into a false sense of security. People use their pets names or kids birthdays as passwords on twitter when they would never dream of doing that with their bank account. I have some experience with online security, and so far I’ve only seen one instance of real “hacking”. In every other circumstance I’ve seen security breached it was a case of the victim blabbing his/her password, writing it down someplace, or using an easy to guess password like their spouse’s name.

  • http://www.fundootemplates.com Sathish Reddy

    Twitter Should take some action on Security so that customers will feel happy.

  • http://www.multihb.info multihb


    I used twitrobot some time, but stopped now after they changed their login system.

    I tested and noticed they were hijacking my twitter password
    apparently for their own purpose.

    Password seemed to get changed everytime after some while, I allowed twitrobot to access to my account.

    That happened in my two separate twitter accounts also during my tests.I first changed my password for test purpose, allowed twitrobot to access and guess what, after some while my account was nonaccessible informing incorrect login credentials.

    This happened two times in my both twitter accounts

    So that proves me the twitrobot is not realiable service, and I stopped to using it. Just avoid it!!

    Service seems good..but…you know what I mean..

    Hope this help..

  • http://www.spittingout.com DamianMSK

    just got suspended… out of nowhere.. pretty disappointing

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