Thin Yale Student Battles University Over Weight

    April 8, 2014
    Chris Tepedino
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Frances Chan, a Yale University student, has had enough of eating ice cream and cookies in order to gain weight. After months of medical tests and even a psychological assessment, Yale University finally agrees.

Over the past several months, Chan, a 20-year-old history major, has sparred with the University over what it perceives is unhealthy low weight. Chan is 5’2” and 92 lbs. and contends she’s always been very thin, just as her parents and grandparents were at her age.

That didn’t satisfy Yale, however. Until this past Friday, Yale had been telling Chan that if she didn’t put on some pounds, she would be forced to leave school.

“I ate ice cream twice a day,” Chan told the New Haven Register. “I ate cookies. I used the elevator instead of walking up stairs. But I don’t really gain any weight.”

On the Huffington Post, Chan details her struggle with Yale Health officials in a piece titled “Yale University Thinks I Have an Eating Disorder.”

“In the past three weeks alone, I have spent ten hours at Yale Health, our student health center,” she wrote. “Since December, I have had weekly weigh-ins and urine tests, three blood tests, appointments with a mental health counselor and a nutritionist, and even an EKG done to test my heart. My heart was fine — as it always has been — and so was the rest of my body. So what was the problem?”

According to Chan, they think she has an eating disorder but would not look “past the numbers on the scale, to see the person right in front of them.”

What followed was a medical circus—a lot of tests, mental health evaluations, nutritionists, and more. She would “load up on carbs for each meal” and eat “3-4 scoops of ice cream twice a day with chocolate, cookies, or Cheetos at bedtime.”

Eventually the scale went up two pounds but that still wasn’t enough.

The real culprit, Chan said, was the University doctors’ reliance on BMI or Body Mass Index to determine a healthy level of weight for an individual. Finally, Chan said that she had had enough.

“I was scheduled to have a mental health appointment at 9:00 a.m. and a weigh-in at 10:30 a.m. this past Friday,” she wrote. “But I’m done. No more weigh-ins, no more blood draws. I don’t have an eating disorder, and I will not let Yale Health cause me to develop one. If Yale wants to kick me out, let them try — in the meantime, I’ll be studying for midterms, doing my best to make up for lost time.”

And on Friday, her new physician relented and said that BMI wasn’t the only significant measure of proper health. The new physician trusts that Chan doesn’t have an eating disorder and that they’ve made a mistake.

As for Chan, she’ll continue to go to the Yale health center—but only once per semester.

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  • Nicnacnic

    LOL so fat people have finally stooped to accusing skinny people of being abnormal and threatening to end their schooling? Wow! Hello, she is Chinese. Most people there don’t weigh above 140lbs. 5’2″ yah, probably not above 100lbs.

  • grammadee94

    I also know some very skinny and very healthy girls that EAT ALL THE TIME and NEVER gain an OUNCE. I HATE THEM!!!!

    • Charlotte de Berry

      one problem with those people, they dont get muscle.

      • Carolyn

        Bruce Lee would have disagreed ! They do not have bulging muscles, just solid muscle . . . . body of STEEL ! ” Kick – butt ” muscle !

    • Angie Molinario Parker


    • Carolyn

      The LUCKY ones ! ( wink, wink ).

  • Johnny Sako

    So if you have an eating disorder, Yale doesn’t want you?

    Lawsuit anyone?

  • sdsva82

    Umm…is it bad that I’m actually jealous that she gets to eat all of that?

    • Lisa

      Maybe but I’m right there with you!

    • Jenna

      LOL, what normal person could eat 4 scoops of ice cream and Cheetos before bed and not gain any weight!

      • Carolyn

        I’d gain weight from just smelling it all !

  • lindy west

    At a mere 5’2″, 95 is not that obscenely thin. Yes, she is slight, but what right does a University have to pry into, and make decisions on further enrollment based on such a personal issue? That is not for them to decide.

    • Lisa

      Well, and looking at her it isn’t just that she is thin, she has a very tiny frame. She looks healthy and fine with her frame. This whole case is just weird, why isn’t Yale smarter than this?

      • Ray W

        Political correctness is bound to figure in.

    • Kathryn

      The University has an obligation to protect students (even from themselves) and they wouldn’t be suspending or dismissing a student in most cases like this. If a student lives in campus owned housing, there is a HUGE responsibility for housing staff (student and professional) to notice, document, and report students with potential issues.

      As someone who works in higher ed, I can honestly say that there are times that a University reaches the point where we simply cannot help a student anymore and staying in the University environment may be too detrimental to a student’s health and well-being. In times like that, medical leaves of absences come into play (though most, if not all, students on medical leave make that decision of their own free will and a large number will return to higher education).

      At times, University officials do make continued enrollment decisions based on personal issues. And it’s legal and 100% legitimate for us/them to decide. There are hundreds or thousands of people to consider, and University officials have to figure out how to protect every single student, faculty, and staff member possible. Do we make mistakes? Yup. Do we sometimes go overboard on specific cases? Yup. Are we trying to do the best we can for individual students and for the collective body? Absolutely.

      • jennifermavens

        In other words, it’s all about the money. But two can play your game. I hope she sues, and I hope she wins. With the media involved, you can bet Gloria Alred will be in contact with you shortly. Let the budget cuts commence!

      • John

        And it’s perfectly “legal and 100% legitimate” for this young lady to sue you and your collegiate cronies for discrimination. Why don’t you concentrate on the “fat” in your taxpayer-supported budgets and start reducing your obscene enrollment costs?

      • wow

        I love people that ask rhetorical questions and answer their own question in the same paragraph. -_-

    • Carolyn

      That should be Kim Kardashians weight, since she is also the same height as this girl, then her butt wouldn’t be so big !

  • scmaize

    I am totally amazed. I am 5’2″, and at her age, I weighed about 96 pounds. I was slim, but definitely shapely, and no one ever said my weight was unhealthy! Now I’m closing in on 60, and I weigh 116. I have weighed as much as 125, and, honestly, I was overweight, because I have a small bone structure. Ideally, I would probably weigh about 110, though I’m fine with 116. When I was 20, 100 pounds was plenty for me. Like the rest of us, she will probably gain weight naturally as she ages. Just wait for menopause….

    • Lbecker123

      5’2 and 125 isn’t overweight

      • Duke615

        :”A former doc.”

      • Carolyn

        For small bones it certainly is OVERWEIGHT !

      • scmaize

        It doesn’t sound like it would be, but the extra weight was all on my waist and belly. My waist was larger than they say is healthy for someone my size. Pants that otherwise fit perfectly wouldn’t button at the waist. After menopause, it takes work to keep your shape from changing. (Some of the change is eventually inevitable.) I look (and feel) a lot better if I don’t weigh more than around 115. When you consider that 125 was around 30 pounds more than I weighed in college, eating everything in sight, it was too much for me. Someone with a larger bone structure and more muscle, who naturally weighed more when they were young, would be just fine at 125 or more.

    • susan

      same thing happened to me and 130lbs felt really hard on my bones. Now I am eating better and hormone replacement.

  • Sharon M

    This is truly ridiculous. Some people are naturally thin. This girl sounds healthy.

    • Carolyn

      EXACTLY !

  • Joe Stitzel

    Yes no crime committed. Now she is popular and name more known than others who wish their names were, probably. She is cute too. I’d rather be thin than fat anyday and glad I am.

    • Carolyn

      If thin is in, then Fat is where it’s at ! ( Heeheehee ). Yale has proven that !

      • Joe Stitzel

        Yale hasn’t proven anything when biggest story from there is about thin… fat is unattractive and glutenous illness, and it shows on you. Congrats

        • Carolyn

          Yale making an ISSUE out of this student being THIN, suggests that they are ” pro-Fat ” ! I’m surprised that Yale is not aware that most Asians are naturally THIN ! You are just as bad as Yale, if you do not think that FAT can be just as beautiful as thin people. By the way, I am not fat but I am sure I will get there as I age. Not all fat is caused by gluttony, but some is caused by genetics and a hormonal imbalance, amongst other causes, such as medications. Just like some skinny people eat all they want and do not gain weight, some people eat very little but gain a lot of weight ! Supposedly those persons have problems with their thyroid, and perhaps their metabolisn as well. Why did you congratulate me ? Save that for this student once she wins her lawsuit !

          • Joe Stitzel

            Fat is not as beautiful as thin.overcoming fat is matter of will. I was that. Today im not and im 50. Diet and excersize do wonders more than drs. Or researchers or pills ever will. A ol country dr. Said about diet and excersize and he didnt go to yale either. Bye..

          • Carolyn

            There are some thin people who ARE NOT beautiful, and some of them are so thin ( emaciated ), it makes one want to vomit ! I agree that not all OBESE people are not beautiful either, but there are many who are. It has to do with just how confident and how comfortable they are with their own body !

    • Jose Oliveras

      Yah, I’m 5’3, 95 pounds and I’m a guy… I get shit all the time because it’s not common for a man but I’m as healthy as ever and I have straight A’s in college, the only obstacle is to shop in the kids section lol! (but it’s cheaper and no one can tell)

      • Carolyn

        Wow, you are an inch shorter than my idol, Bruno Mars ! I do not think he weighs less than a hundred pounds ! I hope not, because I wouldn’t want to BREAK him, if I ever get the chance to HUG him ! My girlfriend use to shop in the girl’s department until she had her first child and then she gained weight which she never lost ! Heehee.

  • Phillip Moya

    So by the same token if your fat Yale doesn’t want you?.

    • Carolyn

      Good question ! I guess they just want people of normal weight. What Yale is doing to this girl is worse than what airlines are doing to its FAT passengers !

    • Carolyn

      There have been several geniuses who were bad ” spellers ” or even dyslexic ! Einstein was dyslexic !

      • Carolyn

        Some of your replies went into my SPAM section, so I see why I was confused by one of your replies . . . I had not read the one that pertained to a certain comment !

  • LB

    This is horribly. I am naturally thin (5’4″ 104 pounds) and I am sickened by the fact that these liberal loons really feel they can threaten to kick her out of school, prevent her from getting an education, for being naturally thin. (I am a libertarian FYI).

    • peltt

      Everything, the affordable care act mandates progress for treatment of any disorder. Read up on it.

      • Carolyn

        Really ? ! Where did you read that ? I am waiting until ACA is running smoothly, and then I will look into it ! Maybe I’ll sign up for it next year.

    • Carolyn

      * horrible

      • Carolyn

        In what way ? The commenter LB said, ” This is horribly. ” Well, it should have been, ” This is HORRIBLE. ” ! Did you make the same ” correction ” ?

  • Deven Richardson

    wow this is what Yale is wasting its time with. Testing a small Asian woman about her body weight? you would think they have more pressing issues/priorities!

  • huh?

    This story makes no sense whatever. Is this a trolling article? How was her weight even an issue and who made it one? No other student at Yale is the same height/weight – find that hard to believe? Did they also go after overweight people? I just don’t get why her weight was their business and why she chose to eat such unhealthy things and be subjected to all this testing instead of telling Yale to f*off and contact an attorney. Like I said, makes no sense. Unless, like everything else on the net someone is trying to get attention.

  • Joyce Carter

    Stupid people.Yale should be told to leave people alone!

    • Carolyn

      Yale = HELL

  • Wilma Bass

    So, a major Ivy League school has nothing better to do than to harass a student because of what they assume might be a “eating disorder”. Where does the authority come from that allows them to abuse her constitutional rights and subjects her to all this medical testing. Surely she is not the only “thin” student to attend this school. Who, exactly are the people making these decisions and don’t they have better things to do. This is insane!!

  • ed

    I think instead of talking to a doctor she should have been talking to a lawyer.

  • no name

    Stupid Yale! Leave her alone. YALE YOU cant force her what you want to tell or do her!!!! FUCK YOU YALE! YOU RACIST! Because her skin.

  • James

    I wonder if they would have made such a deal about this if it were a male student since women are often stereotyped as being more likely to suffer from an eating disorder. I am 6’3″ and did not weigh more than 139lbs until I was over 26 years old despite my constant efforts to gain weight. I never had someone so much as mention to me that my lack of weight was concerning when I was in college.

  • Sky Marshall

    My Aunt has always been fairly tall and very thin. I’m 53 years old and I don’t ever remember a time, when looked at my Aunt and thought, ‘Hmm, she’s been putting on some weight’. My mom was short and small, but she gained a pretty fair amount of weight as she got older. My Mom was a heavy smoker and she passed away at the age of 72. My skinny Aunt is now pushing 90 years old. I also remember my Great Aunts, who always looked rather skinny and old to me, for as long as I knew them. The reason they looked always looked old to me was, they died at the ages of 102 and 103 years old, when I was still in my teens. My three kids range in age from early 20s to early 30s and now they’ve known that same experience of having a skinny Great Aunt, who has always been around and has always looked old, for as long as they can remember her.

  • Scarlett Love

    You would not believe the severely overweight students at our local University. I am sure if they were asked to weigh in it would be considered discrimination. Leave this young lady alone. If her tests say she is healthy then case closed.

  • robin-m

    My son was 6’2″ and 115 pounds until he was 20 years old. I took him to doctors, nutritionists, you name it. Everyone said the same thing: He is very skinny, but totally healthy.The men in my family are string beans. This poor girl has my sympathy and prayers.

  • Francie

    I knew a girl back in the 80’s who was forced on nutritional shakes that she couldn’t stand the taste of 4 times a day because she was just a tall and skinny girl-she didn’t eat a lot, but ate regularly and her meals were well-rounded. The “helpful doctors” only managed to force her to gain about 3 pounds over several months. The entire time before and after she was active and healthy as can be-but she certainly learned to be self-conscious of her lanky figure.

  • Kailua

    I’m 5’2 and weighed 97lbs when I was 20 years old in college. I would eat a lot during the day, fall asleep, and wake up the next morning with a flat stomach and nothing gained any where. My parents are thin too, and there was really nothing I could do about it. Trying to intentionally get bigger is unhealthy, especially if you’re active and exercising.

  • yellow

    Not too bright, those people running Yale, are they?

    • Carolyn

      Yale has grown STALE !

  • Guinea Pig

    Sounds like Yale. They need to think outside the box.

  • Lisa

    I’ve known lots of people who were just naturally tiny…either high metabolisms or sometimes hyperthyroidism (the former more common). I appreciate attempts at concern over one’s health but even if she did have an eating disorder (she doesn’t!!) I’m not sure why this excludes one from attending college. Colleges are often pretty unforgiving on funerals, personal illnesses, sudden loss of transportation, lots of other “unavoidbles” in life. I guess I find it odd they care so much about this young lady being extra slim.

    In the meantime, Frances, I encourage rampant ice cream eating simply because you CAN. 😉 Stick to your guns, lady!

  • Kathryn

    As a person who makes their living in higher education and working with students 24/7, I commend the Yale officials (probably beginning in Res. Life) for taking the time to notice that this student may have been in trouble. The article makes it sound like the University went overboard for this particular student, these same steps may have helped another student in a similar situation. It is very true that BMI isn’t a full picture of health and that you can’t determine if someone has an eating disorder with a look. But if my friends, a family member, my (future) child, or any of my students were in a similar position, I would want their college or university to be as attentive as Yale has been in this case.

  • Duke615

    Some Yale doctors need to go back to medical school.
    “A retired doc”

  • Duke615

    Yale is upset because they can’t beat Harvard, lol!

    • Carolyn

      Ha(r), ha(r) !

  • Shawn Patrick

    So…they want her to eat unhealthy stuff and be fat like most of their students?

    • Carolyn

      Probably like the professors ! Afterall, they sit most of the day !

  • susan

    I was thin like that at her age.- 5’1 1/2″ . 95 lbs. The only way I could weight was to drink protein drinks but as soon as I would stop, I’d lose the weight. All genetics. My mom was thin too. The doctors were watching my daughter’s weight when she was a baby until they realized her weight was completely normal for our family. Now at fifty, I have to work a whole lot harder to keep the weight off. I still get people telling my I am thin(119lbs) but I work hard to eat well-still have really high cholesterol-bad genetics…

  • Hel

    I’m 5’2″, curvy, muscular, not petite frame and I only weigh 112lbs. These days anyone who isn’t plus size has an eating disorder. I’m vegan, don’t eat junk food and exercise.

  • Kylie

    Are you freaking kidding me? Some people are naturally thin. Like myself, in fact I’ve just been diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid. My normal, healthy weight for ME (not anyone else)-at 18 years old and 5’3 1/2″-is between 95-97 pounds, I’ve talked about it with my doctor. Right now because of the thyroid issue, my weight is at 87 pounds, which will go up once my doctor and myself determine the proper diet regimen and medication to gain the weight back. I am not a stick nor do I have any eating disorders. My bust size is naturally a 32C and I don’t look sallow or sick and neither does the girl from the article. You would think a school such as Yale would be able to understand the concept that the girl is naturally the way she is. Completely ridiculous.

  • susan

    I think back to when I was growing up in the 1960’s, there were really not many overweight children. Of the few, they may have been genetically prone to be heavier(which I do believe genetics is a factor) We had 3 recesses at school and we really had time to play, not the 15 minutes once a day that my daughter had in elementary school. We had refined sugar but we ran it off outside. We were able to get fresh air and see the sunshine. My daughter’ s school were always giving pizza parties and ice cream parties for the classrooms as rewards and one year the cafeteria sold jumbo Gatorade to make money on the side. I keep the good stuff and home and she gets her sugar fix at school.

  • Jane

    I am 5’3″ 100lbs. Yes, i have problem. I have problem gaining weight even eating all the time. It is very easy for me to lose 5 lbs in a week and hard to gain 0ne lb in a year. Hello, I am Chinese too!

    • susan

      Do you think you eat healthier than the average American diet? We tend to be thin in our family and we eat all the time. My mom and I are of mostly European descent but my daughter is European/Arabic and she could eat us out of house and home.

    • Scarlet

      Jane, you will likely live longer being slim. Do you feel good? My doctor told me a person really can’t be too thin (unless they have an eating disorder).

  • valeriePollard

    Are they going to do the same for all the overweight students? Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes.

    • susan

      In the state of Texas, it is mandatory to weigh all elementary school children at least once a year during gym class. The teacher’s do iteni in private but I think it is wrong. My daughter has never had a weight issue but I am still opposed to it. It I my responsibility to watch over my child. If it is a serious life threatening situation then it should left up to Child protective services to take care of it. Any way, the school lunches in Texas could make any child heavy.

  • BabyMama

    lol…what about all the fatasses at that school? 45% of them are overweight..go bug them. I swear this is the most ignorant article I’ve read today. SMDH

  • RCTeamCarlisle

    Okay, this article definitely does not present the whole story. Basically, Yale has medical check up with students because they say that it is common for high-achieving students to have eating disorders. They then nearly placed her on medical leave (not expulsion or what some other articles say) because they thought she was in denial. She did switch physicians, though, as it says. It wasn’t just a bunch of bullies making fun of her–it was just a mistaken precaution.

    • susan

      I understand why the school needs to be careful. Some kids do get really sick at college. It is interesting, that colleges can’t notify parents when college students are having emotional health issues. I am surprised that they could intervene with a possible eating disorder. I do think we have forgotten what normal weights are though.

  • Janet Gurl

    America is fat enough. This is total BS.

  • Hannah Creque

    I knew a girl who was 6′ 1″ and 95lbs. She was crazy thin but her parents were exactly the same. Some people are just built to be very slender and it works for their body.

    I just hope that Frances suffered no permanent psychological or physical harm from her ordeal. I can only imagine what her cholesterol is gonna look like for the next few months.

  • Scarlet

    My doctor told me that one cannot be too thin when it comes to health and disease prevention.

  • Ray W

    What business is it of Yale’s how much she weighs?!! Mind your own f’in’ business!

  • Michael Nguyen

    At 5’2 and 90lbs she is an average asian in Asia. I went to vietnam and im 6’1 200lbs. They said i was big and giant compared to everybody else. Some people are just built different than others.

  • Philip Lee

    Just like our American culture, isn’t it? We don’t want them fat, but we don’t want them thin either…We want them just right. We live in the midst of a Goldilocks Complex for sure. Poor girl…Just leave her be. Stop looking at her body, and look at her smile. She’s fine.

  • Birdie Wolf

    This was bullshit, and I feel like she should sue for harassment. This woman never had a eating disorder yet they singled her out and made her to submit to all types of test, and even threatened to expel her because she wasn’t fat enough for them. I don’t see why it is any of their business anyway. Plus what is with this attack on skinny people? You know they wouldn’t even think about pulling this shit on an obese kid.

  • Clifton

    I knew a woman who was 27 years old, 5 foot 1, and weighed 87 pounds. Her favorite food was Frostys at Wendys. Frankly, she was not physically active, but she ate as much as I did when I was training for a marathon (when I ate like a pig, including things like large banana splits once a week and was 5 foot 10 and 139 pounds.) My father was rejected for the draft during the Korean War because he was classified as underweight, at 5 foot 7 and 105. In high school, my youngest son was 6 foot 5 and 185.

    Some people are just thin. Whoever was making these medical decisions needs to get a clue.

    Hey Yale, I play poker, sometimes as much as 12 hours a day–would you like to diagnose me as a compulsive gambler? I hope not, because playing poker tournaments is my job, and one tournament can last that long.

  • Angie Molinario Parker

    She could have the precursor to a metabolic disorder – she may be toggling back and forth on the fence with it!

  • Blue

    In the USA we are use to people being fat; so are the students that are overweight getting the same treatment? I doubt it and if Yale started kicking fat people out of the University there would be a huge uproar !

  • Denise

    I am a registered dietitian and after one counseling session and looking at her family history, one would say….NO she’s fine! Why doesn’t Yale worry about academics and let her worry about her health. Your health is your responsibility and nobody elses…grrrr!

  • warn81

    I’m skinny too, but I have a lot of food intolerances and an inflamed digestive system.

  • Bicycle Girl

    Guess the OBESE administrators at Yale don’t like having THIN people on their campus.

  • flixgirl

    I am 60 years old. I had/have
    the exact opposite problem. I am a plus size person–not obese–and healthy. Other
    than allergy medication, I take nothing else.
    I have normal blood pressure, normal EKG–great cholesterol readings.
    Great lab results. I walk at least 6 miles a day (even in the bitter cold this
    winter). I HAVE BEEN ON DIETS SINCE I WAS 5 YEARS OLD! Really! I’ve been to many weight loss
    programs. i Even went to one where I ate nothing but 9 oz. of protein a day plus
    a potassium supplement. I barely lost 20# in 6 months while everyone else lost
    between 50-100# in that time frame. We
    were checked three times a week for ketosis. I checked out every time, but was not losing
    like I should. I was accused of somehow
    cheating the system and made to feel like a criminal. I finally gave up. I watch my weight. I weigh the same I did in high school. I am not the size zero that is the supposed “norm”
    but my focus now is to eat healthy and keep exercising.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I feel her pain! I am 5’4″ and weight about 104. I have tried to gain weight for the longest time. When I was pregnant, I only gained 13 lbs and my baby was born at 7 lbs 8 oz. She shouldn’t be eating junk food though. My doctor told me to drink milkshakes and Ensure drinks to try and gain weight. It didn’t work but it might for her. If I were her, and it was possible, I would take all my money and go elsewhere for my education. Obviously, they only want overwight people there. Reverse discrimination is what it is!

  • Jenna

    I think that it’s great the university notices things like this in their students, that means they pay attention, and care about their well being. BUT don’t cause a student stress because you insist that something is wrong with them, and its obviously not. She looks healthy, she doesn’t exhibit signs of being sickly thin, like sunken in eyes and cheeks, or protruding bones, etc. I know someone who is built juts like this, she had 3 boys and is still 89 pounds, she gained to 105 when pregnant, and went back to wearing the same clothes right after giving birth. She is just built really tiny. I don’t think she’s even 5 foot though. Yes these types of body types do exist.

  • peachamp

    This sounds as thought this might be undiagnosed Crohn’s Disease.
    Have you been tested for that? You can eat and eat, but your body doesn’t/can’t absorb nutrients very well. Its an Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Carolyn

    It seems that YALE is not so smart afterall, if they were they would KNOW that most Asians are naturally thin ! Surely she is not their first Asian student ! Geesh !

  • Peeko

    This is ridiculous. Did they ever look at her genetics? Besides, what business of Yale is it. I thought the college was to educate their students, not torment them. I wonder what the college has done with the obese students.

  • Allergybaby

    When I started college, I was 90 lbs, 5’3″. I ate all the time. I was naturally small. Anytime I went to the health clinic, I was asked if I had an eating disorder. It was annoying. Years later, I am a much healthier weight but I also don’t swim, walk miles a day, or run like I did when I was in college.

  • dairyking887

    Wow, I didn’t know that “college officials” had so much time to monitor every single person on campus. When I was a student back at UCSD in the 80s, nobody was paying attention to anyone like this. Psych services was something many, many, many of my peers (and TAs and professors) used, but no one was watching over us. It was sink or swim. I knew many people struggling with addictions, mental health issues, horrifying situations with parents, but there was nothing like this.