Thief Can Be As Difficult As You Want It To Be

    January 27, 2014
    Zach Walton
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When the Thief reboot was announced in 2012, many fans of the franchise were concerned. They felt that a modern take on the franchise would do away with many of the gameplay elements that made the original games so challenging and memorable. The developers at Square Enix Montreal has heard them loud and clear though.

In the latest gameplay trailer for Thief, we get a look at the customization options players will find in the final game. Upon starting up a new game, you get to choose from four difficulty levels with the last one being “Custom.” In this menu, you can toggle various options to make the game feel more like the older games, like disabling checkpoints and focus or making it so that the player can only use stealth takedowns on enemies.

For the players that really want to challenge themselves, the developers have put in what are called “Ultimate Thief Mods.” These disable upgrades, make it so that players can’t kill enemies, have players fail the mission upon being spotted and more. These were included in the game for the long-time Thief who want the ultimate challenge.

While you’re at it, check out some fresh gameplay footage as well:

Thief will be out on February 25 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Image via PlayStation Access/YouTube

  • Lost

    Sigh…. PC Elitists will always complain when an old favourite gets a console inspired reboot, its really tiresome to hear entitled gamers complain about someone elses creative ownership and art, because it is art and art shouldn’t be design by committee.

    People dont know what they like, its a fact, you have to show them.

    I played the early Thief games albeit at a very young age and yes they were very good and unique but new doesn’t have to mean dumb down or worse.

    Purists will always complain, its really sad how much time people dedicate to complaining.

    With no other AAA Titles around it a purchase of this looks inevitable but I’m cautious as I was well on the Dishonred hype train and was left pretty disappointed, not that it wasn’t a good game I was just looking for something a bit more open and with options on how to play, imo it didn’t deliver that.

    I expect the world to be beautiful though and atmospheric, a solid story could easily account for a lack of freedom the word “checkpoint” implies.

    I wait with excitement and trepidation.