Theyre Baaaack OR How The Google JewWatch Controversy Just Wont Die

    May 6, 2004

JewWatch is back. Back as in being the number 1 search result for the keyword “Jew”. After a couple of weeks of the index page not being crawled and not showing up in the SERPs, JewWatch has reclaimed the top spot.

The issue with JewWatch began almost a month ago. Certain members of the Jewish community were troubled by the fact that, a site that can be perceived as Anti-Semitic, was garnering the top position for the search of the keyword “Jew”.

Googlebombs were launched to knock the site from the top spot, as was a petition aiming to do the same. All the while, Google maintained that it doesn’t manually alter SERPs, unless it is for legal reasons.

Later, JewWatch moved their site to another hosting company. This caused Google to cease the crawling of the site, and thusly JewWatch no longer showed up in search results for the keyword in question. It was odd that although the index page was gone, subsequent pages of JewWatch still showed up.

This led to many thinking that Google had physically removed the site from its listings. In fact, JewWatch was not even showing up for the Jew keyword. The only way to get a return on the site was to do a keyword search on “JewWatch”. The results page returned by Google featured all JewWatch pages, EXCEPT for the index page.

Speculation as to why this happened centered around the site moving to another location, causing Google to stop crawling the site. The explanation went on to say that Google had cached the content pages of JewWatch, but not the index. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

The only thing that is certain is that JewWatch is back atop the results page, and that the makers of the Googlebomb that points to Wikipedia will more than likely be doubling their efforts to knock it out of the first position. Stay tuned.

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