These Are The Best Designed Android Apps According To Google


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Are you working on an Android app and want to know how to best stick to Google's guidelines while inserting your own personality into it? Well, that's certainly a tall order for most indie developers, but it is possible. In fact, Google has a list of what it feels are the best designed Android apps currently available.

In the latest episode of Google's Android Design in Action Web series, the Android team dissects some of the best designed Android apps on Google Play. Apps like Timely, Play Newstand, Foursquare, Esty and others make an appearance as the Android team gets into the nitty gritty of what makes these app designs stand out from the rest. You might just want to take notes if you're having trouble with your own app design.

Check out the full 25 minute video below:

Need more help designing an app? Check out this video from earlier this year where the Android team walks you through each step of designing an Android app.

[Image: Android Developers/YouTube]