There’s Value In Stumbling

By: WebProNews Staff - April 29, 2008

Here’s an interesting question put forth by webmasters: What’s a link in StumbleUpon worth? Well, it’s nofollowed, which means not much in terms of link juice. But there may be an indirect value.

Part of that, of course, is branding. It’s good to be found in as many places as possible. But another value, as noted at SearchEngineRoundtable, is the chance that somebody stumbles upon your site and blogs about it. If so, you’ve just earned another endorsement and possibly a good link.

How does one know what to submit to StumbleUpon? That’s content question for the ages. If it’s content worth talking about, it should be content worth submitting. Just don’t fall into the trap of submitting everything and often in the hopes that something sticks. Not only could that be construed spammy and abusive, it dilutes what good things you may have to offer.

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  • Theme

    IMHO, StumbleUpon has very quality users.

  • Mikel

    I believe there is little value to a SU link. As you said maybe someone will write about your website because the traffic is almost useless from my experience


  • Matt

    I think Stumbleupon is good to get the traffic …Where u can get high traffic without any investment on PPC …

  • SEO Company

    Actually, the traffic from StumbleUpon can be quite good as long as you focus your efforts, and stay active in the community. It will never be as targeted as direct organic search, but is also not intended for that, and serves a much different purchase, including readership loyalty.