TheraSTrat Announces SafeBase 2.5 Professional

    December 20, 2004

The theragenomics company TheraSTrat is pleased to announce the commercial availability of SafeBase 2.5 Professional.

SafeBase is a patent-pending, Java-based n-tier software suite to be used as an Internet- or Intranet-accessible solution for theragenomics knowledge management. SafeBase comprises the SafeBase Theragenomic Knowledge Base, which logically and semantically relates data and knowledge on structural and genetic factors, which predispose individual patients for the development of severe (idiosyncratic) Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).

The person-to-person variability of drug responses is a major problem in clinical practice and in drug development. Despite substantial improvements in the safety of drugs (and other chemicals in general), rare yet serious ADRs still lead to deaths of patients as well as to the market withdrawal of drugs. On one hand patients with predispositions to ADRs should prospectively be detected and be excluded from exposure to drugs potentially harmful to them. On the other hand, valuable drugs should be kept on the market in order to remain available for those patients with no predispositions for ADRs. Moreover, pharmacogenetic/ -genomic (PGx)- and toxicogenetic/ -genomic (TGx)-based knowledge underlying the etiology of ADRs needs to be integrated into the lead identification, selection and optimization processes in the quest for both, evidence-based early attrition of non-viable lead compounds and maximal prospective safety of optimized development candidates selected for the advancement into preclinical and clinical development phases. Particularly the safety of promising lead compounds can substantially be enhanced through the retrospective use of knowledge obtained from compounds that in patient populations have caused serious safety problems for individuals carrying safety relevant single allelic variants or related haplotypes.

To better support the complex handling of PGx- and TGx-related knowledge, TheraSTrat developed SafeBase, which comprises a knowledge base together with the necessary modular portfolio of functionalities for knowledge browsing, analysis and discovery. SafeBase 2.5 Professional represents a big step forward in the development of the SafeBase-Suite both in terms of technology and functionality. The most important new elements in SafeBase 2.5 Professional include Sequence Manager, Table Concepts, Knowledge Base Search, Graph Assistant, Node Context Search, Deep Neighbor Search, Parallel Neighbor Search, etc.

SafeBase 2.5 Professional comes with its Theragenomic Knowledge Base which contains interrelated information on drugs that have been withdrawn from the market because of severe (idiosyncratic) ADRs, on clinically most important drugs, on chemical structures of parent compounds, intermediates, metabolites, and covalent adducts to proteins and DNA, on genes (and their allelic variants) coding for proteins (and protein variants), on clinical endpoints, and genotypes and haplotypes associated with selected clinical endpoints (i.e. ADRs).

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