Locates $15 Million In Funding

    July 13, 2007
  offers “shopping search reinvented,” but with a fresh $15 million in its pockets, we may soon wind up with something that’s been re-reinvented.  Then again, that $15 mil could be a sign that the company’s investors (who were led by Bain Capital Ventures) like things just the way they are.

That’s basically what Scott Friend, a partner at Bain, hinted at, though Friend employed some much more elegant phrasing.  “Our extensive diligence on this investment and our past industry experience helped us conclude that is leading its category in developing the best consumer shopping experience for lifestyle goods,” he stated on TheFind Blog.

And there were no other signs in the post that TheFind has any revolutionary changes in store.  That’s not a bad thing, though.

TheFind has been pretty successful up ‘til now – judging by an interview with the Red Herring, Bain considers Google to be its biggest competitor, and still says, “[T]hey do not do the browsing as well.  The pictures are very small.  It hasn’t been clear that Google has made it a priority… That’s good for TheFind.”

Also good for TheFind is Loren Baker’s description: “ focuses on delivering accurate and comprehensive search results for lifestyle goods,” he notes, and later writing that the site has “has an efficient and visually-engaging format that fuels product discovery.”