The YouTube ad machine in waiting

    October 1, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Once Google manages to wrest DoubleClick away from antitrust regulators, it could have a profound effect on the videos people watch on YouTube.

Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy recently wrote a three-page article on Google and DoubleClick for The Nation. Chester’s organization is one of several opposing Google’s bid for the DoubleClick ad network.

Should Google end up with the prize, video advertising of a subtle and persistent nature will be the rule of the day, in Chester’s view. He cited a Smirnoff ad heavily touted by Google as an example:

Much about Google’s corporate goals can be gleaned from the $3.1 billion it is willing to pay to control DoubleClick.

Among the attractions DoubleClick also offers: an elaborate data collection operation delivering “billions” of targeted, personalized, interactive ads each day, and a service that allows it to track more than 100 different ways we watch video online (If you’re troubled by the drinking messages stealthily embedded in the story line of “Green Tea Partay” video think how marketing messages will permeate YouTube programming once Google finalizes its purchase of DoubleClick.)

Such embedding has been a lucrative source of revenue in the movie and TV industry; quick, name what Simon and Paula drink on ‘American Idol’. If you guessed right, you’ve just demonstrated the impact of subtle product placement to yourself.

Via The Nation