The World Could Really Use Google Calendar

    February 24, 2005

There’s been a lot of speculation about Google Calendar recently. And you know what … I sure as hell hope they do it.

There’s been so little innovation in the world of on-line calendars these last few years. Perhaps Google getting into the act would finally change that.

I’ve often wished for a web-based calendar that didn’t suck but they all seem to. I want something that:

  1. plugs nicely into my e-mail client (Thunderbird)
  2. has busy search capabilities, invites, and other scheduling aids
  3. syncs with modern hand-held devices and mobile phones
  4. does resource scheduling (conference rooms, summer houses, whatever)
  5. handles conflict resolution and notification
  6. sends reminders and alerts
  7. sports a sane permission system
  8. produces RSS feeds
  9. provides vCal support
  10. is presented with a modern, slick DHTML interface

Help me out here… What am I missing?

The company that does this stands to gain a lot of new users–not just individuals, but small and medium sized business too.

Once the kinks are worked out, they can integrate it into the Google Search Appliance and provide a platform and e-mail client neutral calendaring for larger businesses too.

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