The Walking Dead Premiere: Too Much For TV?

    July 4, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Good news for fans of the series The Walking Dead!

Entertainment Weekly reports that as of yesterday, the cast returned to work.

They are very excited about doing so, insisting that season five of The Walking Dead just might be THE most intense and blood-soaked affair to date!

“Some of the stuff they shot yesterday,” said actress Lauren Cohan, “I don’t think it’ll make it to TV.”

That’s quite a statement, especially since what they are filming at present is the season premiere itself.

Based on Cohan’s take, it promises to be one unforgettable television event.

Actor Andrew Lincoln, known as Rick Grimes to fans of show, was equally impressed with the premiere of the new season.

“It’s the most ambitious first episode I think we’ve ever attempted,” said Grimes.

What could be in this episode that would make Norman Reedus say, “Oh My God”, and leave Chad L. Coleman practically speechless? Coleman reportedly could only say “Wow”. after reading through the script.

As the hype builds by way of the cast, fans are no doubt that much more excited for the series to return to AMC.

Speaking of AMC, the network was kind enough to provide a behind-the-scenes look at work on the fifth season of the show, which is scheduled to return to television this fall.

One of the most exciting aspects of what’s to come is that whatever horror lies ahead, it’s expected that the main characters will face it together.

A great deal of time was spent apart in the previous season, with certain characters still unaccounted for. It’s going to be very interesting to see who survives the bloody series opener and who is lost.

Lincoln tells fans that if there is a theme to expect to run throughout this latest season, it’s “hierarchy”. He said that the characters will be trying to figure out where they fit in.

This makes sense. We had some new additions in season four and there are characters who were pretty much in charge of their own destiny for most of their time apart from Grimes. It’s going to be tougher for some to fall in line.

Are You Looking Forward To The Next Walking Dead Season? Anything You Want To See Specifically? Comment Below!

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  • anamericangigolo

    This show sucks. It is gore and filth and violence upon more of the same. Its only fans are teenage girls with angst and bloodlust – and those fans stuck in that stage of development. It has no storyline or plot. It meanders endlessly along and hopes viewers will develop a rapport with its cast. It hasn’t happened in 5 years. It horrifyingly glorifies and justifies violence against all genders and all ages. It is indiscriminately barbaric, literally and stylistically – And that is being generous. It is still trying to pretend to be a replacement for Breaking Bad and fails miserably. It strives for dramatic mediocrity and succeeds.

    • Angel Clooney

      Don’t watch!

      • anamericangigolo

        Do the same.

        • Chris

          no one cares about your retarded opinions, stop wasting your time

    • TBinTucson

      The guy with a screen name that endorses selling your body for money to lonely/deprived women wants to hop on his hypocritcal high horse glorifying sex yet denouce gore and violence. Might want to hike up the skirt pull the man-pon out and grow a pair. You say the show doesnt have a plot, you say all the fans are teenage girls or filled with angst driven bloodlust. Then plotline is the characters and how there relationships develop and deteriorate in godless, lawless and in most cases morally bankrupt zombie apocalyptic world. The Walking Dead fans (at least in my social circle) are extremely imaginative, intelligent, creative and fun people. Moving on back to your ignorant views. Breaking Bad was amazing and so too is TWD, never was it a replacement. You seem to support Breaking Bad? Yet that is extremely violent as well. It seems that’s another chink in your armor of hypocrisy. You sir are the mediocre one with the lack of mental capacity to open your imagination up to the possibilities of a dark and frightening world as well as the lack of ability to know when to keep your hypocritical mouth shut. Do the world a favor and put the dunce cap back on, head back to the kids table or corner (whichever you prefer), and tell your mom to bring you bring some more pizza rolls down to your room in the basement.thank goodness you wont reproduce and polute the genepool down there. Btw people that refer to themselves as Gigilos are just like 5ft tall guy in a monster truck. Can anyone say… inferiority complex?

      • anamericangigolo

        You seem tense.

    • David

      Don’t you have a gerbil to cram somewhere?

    • razaredge

      You need some cheese with that whine. Im 48 years old, male, and white, Married with 5 kids, 3 grandson, and my coworkers, educated, range from 27 to 60 successful and bright LOVE this show. So why don’t turn you turn the channel to something you might like. I think Grumpy Old Man Way past His Prime but Still Wants to Be a gigolo but Can’t see his feet Wife Beater stained with cheetos orange T- Shirt is on Channel WDGAM …

    • dave

      @americangogilo you sir are a penis.

      • anamericangigolo

        Don’t feel threatened.

    • Dee P.

      Well, I’m elderly, and I’m enjoying the show, and the fantastic writing and costuming. It has a plot, which is more then I can say for a lot of shows. I’m enjoying the marathon this weekend, and can’t wait for the new season…so there goes your theory about teenagers,.

  • Ken

    Nothing like a glaring video autoplay. What’s wrong with you people?

  • SW Hutton

    I`ve tried watching this show just to see why it is a top rated show. Not in my book. It`s boring and gory. All they do is shoot a bunch of Zombies in the head. All that growling and walking with a limp. Get real people.

    • anamericangigolo

      Well said.

  • Slick Rick

    All 3 of u should change ur tampons before u get bit…

  • Angel Clooney

    It’s a great show. I personally could care less about the “walkers”. It’s the story and right now it’s not even the walkers that are the biggest problem it’s the other people. Lot’s of shows have been gory Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Games of Thrones, all very popular. The way I look at it there are hundreds of channels so DON’T WATCH if you don’t like it.

    • anamericangigolo

      That is why all those shows are bad.

  • drwhy

    Television, now constantly competing with people’s time and attention from the internet, podcasts, and social networking, must be dramatic, I will admit that the dramatic advertising and ratings of this show are what lured in. The storyline and heart-stopping plots have me addicted. I am not a thirteen year old girl.( Far from it.) I study psychology. TWD allows us study to human relationships in a setting where the characters do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what they will do with their lives or even who they can rely on. Survival of the fittest is one of the most basic instincts of being alive. This show is all about humanity and morality. Obviously, the walkers do not/cannot posses this. The survivors are thought to be divided into two types. Those with morality and those without. The situations that the characters find themselves in are not so black and white. These gray areas are what makes us reach into our own minds and question ourselves as to what we would do. This is the invoking part.
    If you didn’t enjoy it, please go back and watch the first episode. It is the only show that I watch. I love it. I don’t have a lot of time for T.V., but I make time for this.

    • anamericangigolo

      Get help.

  • Nico

    You know the Walking Dead was good… Until I watched Breaking Bad of course

    • Hello_throwaway

      Breaking Bad was good… until I watch Game of Thrones

      • Nico

        Your damn right about that lol

  • Dee P.

    I had never seen The Walking Dead…didn’t seem like my kind of show. My daughter told me there was a marathon on this weekend of all the shows, starting from the beginning. Well, I’m hooked. I’ve been watching just about non-stop since yesterday, and the story line is fantastic. I’ve become a fan, and can’t wait to finish up this series, and get ready for the new season. The writing and cast are phenomenal.