“The Walking Dead”: Infographic Gives Fans Inside Look At Show

By: Amanda Crum - February 12, 2013

With the return of “The Walking Dead” this past Sunday came a record-breaking viewership for the show, pulling in 12.3 million zombie-hungry watchers as the story picked up from a mid-season hiatus.

While many fans came to the show fresh off a love for the comic books (which were written by fellow Kentuckian Robert Kirkman, I feel obliged to say), the AMC hit has appealed to thousands who never followed the books and simply love the story, the gore, and the drama that spins out between characters who are often at odds with one another. But there’s still a lot fans may not know about how the show operates, or what goes on behind the scenes. That’s where this infographic comes in.

Courtesy of TvDuck.com. Shoutout to Jude Fiorillo for the heads up.

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