“The Voice” Winner Probably Won’t Shock You Tonight

    June 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“The Voice” has gained strong audience favor during its last few seasons, and this one is no exception despite some changes in the judge lineup. But if fans are expecting to be blown away by the winner reveal tonight, they may be disappointed. It looks like judge and coach Adam Levine has already predicted who will be crowned champ during tonight’s broadcast, and almost everyone agrees.

Blake Shelton may as well have done the Babe Ruth point-in-the-distance homerun stance when he took on 16-year old Danielle Bradbery this season; she’s been a crowd favorite and a judge’s favorite, which is no easy feat. The young singer’s soaring voice handled “Born To Fly” with ease on Monday night’s episode and earned her praise across the board.

“What else can I possibly say? Your perfection is almost boring me at this point. It’s too perfect,” Adam said.

Her coach was a little more flattering.

“As your coach, I’d like to sit here and say coach-y type things, but at the end of the day … I’m one of the millions of people out there that you have wrapped around your finger,” Blake said. “Thank God that you came to ‘The Voice’ to debut yourself, because you are such an important person in music and I can’t say enough about you.”

Bradbery has been showcased throughout the episodes, closing out several of the shows with country hits, and that has worked in Shelton’s favor before; he’s won the last two seasons.

Levine begrudgingly gave in last night and predicted Bradbery to be the winner, saying, “The crazy thing about your voice is it’s just so unbelievably perfect and powerful. It’s one of the better voices I think I’ve ever heard live. … And I’m just gonna go ahead and say, I think Danielle’s [the] winner of this thing.”

  • Carol McMillion

    They all are so good, no, great. Nothing will surprise me tonight. I am just afraid to watch.

    I honestly wish Usher & Shaquira would stay on as judges. They offer much more to the voices than Ce-Lo and Christina. Can you fix this, Blake?

    • Gina

      I think more people can relate to Michelle – so I predict she is the winner. But, congrats to the Swon Brothers and Danielle for making it this far! I think they will all have great careers ahead of them.

    • Natey Nate


  • corrine

    Don’t let this article fool you. There is still time to vote for Michelle
    and Swons. 1-855-864-2302 and download music on itunes.

  • ken griffith

    I feel that Usher and Shaquira do offer more to the voices Ce-Lo good and Christina is good also but I feel Shaquira and usher add a lot more

    • Natey Nate

      Really? Shaquira?

  • ken griffith

    Danielle is such a natural good singer and her voice range at 16 years old is outstanding and feel Danielle or the Swon brothers should be the winners

  • Karen

    Michelle Chamuel is the ONLY unique voice there and she should win. I will be very disappointed if she doesn’t.

    • Glynn H

      You just might be disappointed!

      • Cecilia

        Gee! Wait to sound like a jerk butt Glynn!
        Michelle is the only reason Im still watching this show. Her voice is very unique as well as her personality.
        I personaly think there’s enough country out there and to be honest I’m starting to get tired of listening to Farmers farming problems, trucks,trackers, and random objects or animals.

  • Sue

    Actually, as great as I think Michelle is, I think very few can relate to her. She’s just “different” enough to cause the average voter to stop and think. Danielle is the humble and talented “girl next door” with the killer voice. I agree with Adam.

    • Jen

      Michelle is totally inspirational! At one time or another everyone has felt like they were an outsider; they couldnt do something because of what other peole have said, or felt held back becasue they didn’t fit into society’s mold/image. She has truly transformed herself- her heart shines thru each performance. As she sings on stage, it is as if no one else is in the room. She is confident and at peace with herself, and that shows! We all have a story like that, and michelle has shown us to overcome ourselves. She has shown everyone in America that we can love ourselves and fulfill our dreams.

  • Willowisp

    Michelle doesn’t have the natural ability as a singer. She has a decent voice, but no talent other than realizing she has to squat to reach her diaphragm power. Danielle is effortless and a true talent. The Swon brothers will do well, but they won’t come out as winners here with Danielle to compete against.

    • Michelle

      i think usher would disagree,i think he knows mite about talent than any of us who leave these comments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/becky5181 Kim

    This is about the “voice”. There is no doubt that Danielle Bradbury’s voice is FLAWLESS….I hope she wins!

  • matt

    Danielle doesn’t connect to any song. She just displays no emotion whatsoever. Without a doubt Michelle should win tonight

    • Glynn H

      Doesn’t connect to any song? Are you deaf? You must be from the eastern seaboard. I strongly disagree with you. Capiche.

  • Pete

    If this really were just about “the voice” then Sasha Allen should have been the winner. But since it is a popularity contest Danielle is probably going to win.

  • Janet

    While all are exceptional at this stage, I think Danielle has the most
    OUTSTANDING attributes to offer as the winner tonight!
    ALL will leave their mark in the music world…..

  • mo

    Danielle is a beautiful young girl with a great voice just like most of the beautiful country singers around, of which there are many. Blake will take her under his wing – she doesn’t need to win. She probably will because there are Soooooo many country fans. Swon brothers are great – like the Everly Brothers.

    Michelle is so unique and different, fabulous voice, and full of such passion when she sings. She cound sing anything and make it her own.

    Come on people! Get out of your comfort zone and recognize this special talent.


    • Bill niewinski

      Michelle is talented, “Yes” but come on she has nowhere near the talent that bradberry has. Danielle is a Super star. She deserves to win..

  • http://Facebook James

    I think Michelle is hands down the winner. While Bradbery is a good singer she has no stage presence and seems awkward. She also sounds like she is reciting memorized lines but can’t quite find the natural rhythm for what she is singing. The Swon Brothers are good as well but no one can beat the power of Michelle’s powerful voice. Tonight when the votes are tallied I hope America is “ONE” with Michelle.

  • Connie

    I agree with Gina.

    • Glynn H

      I don’t agree with you or Gina.

      • Ross

        Who the hell is Gina????????

  • Ellen

    As to buying music – I would be more apt to buy the Swon Brothers – they are unique to the market as we do not have so many duos and a brother duo just adds to the offering. They have great voices and are just fun!

  • Rick Hunter

    All three artists deserve to win tonight. I do favor Danielle over Michelle only because Country Music is my preferred genre to listen to. The Swon Brothers come in second for me, although if they had done the songs they performed last night earlier in the competition, I might have been more inclined to vote their way.

    I am in NO WAY putting Michelle down because I think she is an incredible talent.

    In the end, even if Danielle wins… I can NOT see the other two NOT being offered some kind of record contract as well. ALL THREE are awesome talents and I wish the best to all of them.

  • Nancy

    I think all 3 of the finalist will get a recording contract. The Swon Brothers show the most diversity so I think they will win. I also agree that Usher & Shaquira should come back. I like these 4 judges a lot better.

  • pat

    love Danielle she is a lovely young singer her voice is just beautiful and her demeaner is humble affection

  • Casually

    The Swon Brothers will deservedly win a contract, but if this contest is really about THE VOICE, the only choice has to be Danielle. What a fantastic story and an amazing God-given gift she has. Bless her!

  • http://yahoo velma lee

    I think Michelle should win……Danielle has talent, and for being only 16, she has years ahead of her to learn more. (kind of like Leann Rimes, or Tanya tucker) the Swon Brothers, well they are great, and deserve a music contract also. but hands down for Michelle

  • Tony

    Come on people… it’s Shakira! And she and Usher are retuning for Season 6. I think that the producers got the hint that they are way better than Cee Lo and Christina…

    DB I think will win but Michelle is a great voice. However, not sure if her popularity/voice will carry her to the winners circle though.

  • Jay

    Shakira wants to spend time with her family and in the recording studio. She won’t be back, at least for next year. Michelle’s voice has certainly grown under Usher but she just seems to force something in every performance. A note or a movement or something. Danielle is pure natural and effortless. She is the perfect country singer right now even at 16. She has the voice and just as important to being a star, she has the looks.

  • lynn

    i like them all. My favorites are Blake’s team But I think it will be Danielle, she is awesome. She does not even have to try hard. She is just Great:

  • Carly Sweet

    Um shequira & Usher better musicians than Christina freakin’ Agulara.
    Get out of here!
    Christina had more talent then them when she was 6 years old.
    The girl has one of the best voices in the music industry HANDS DOWN.

    • Tim Kuehne

      UMMMM Shakira to begin with. Christina is a mainstream, mickey mouse club, evil parent creation. Shakira is an amazing songwriter, performer,with a unique and passionate voice, and also is not a complete witch like christina.