The Twitter Ecosystem Explored

    March 12, 2009

In some business circles, Twitter’s an accepted part of the scenery by now; people have figured the service out and are using it to accomplish impressive things.  Not everyone’s taken to Twitter like a duck to water, though, and so at PubCon South, a few of the folks who are further along led a session on the Twitter landscape.

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Ricardo Guerrero
 Ricardo Guerrero

Chris Winfield, the president of 10e20, started things off by admitting that he used Twitter to put together his presentation.  He received over 150 responses to just four questions, and those answers showed that other people also use the service to gather information.  Twitter’s helped folks form professional relationships, get jobs, and all other sorts of stuff, too.

Winfield suggested that users keep their objectives in mind, though, and not just jump right in and start following random individuals.  Be friendly, listen, and finally try to connect with people in your field.

Ricardo Guerrero, the founder of Stwittergy and the online advertising manager for Dell’s Latin America Consumer team, spoke next.  He offered a veritable laundry list of Twitter-related tools for people to use.  Twhirl and TwitterFox are useful for switching accounts.  Try monitoring things with TweetLater or TweetBeep.  Use TweetDeck to keep an eye on @replies.  And view hashtag conversations with TweetChat.

Finally, there was Michael Gray, the president of Atlas Web Service, who gave some general usage tips.  Re-tweet other stories, re-tweet news stories, ask questions about current events, engage in debates and discussions about current events (while picking your battles though), and perhaps above all, don’t be a robot.

WebProNews Reporter/Anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.