The TSA Has an Instagram Account for Stuff They Took from People at Checkpoints

    July 3, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Whether or not you agree that the Transportation Security Administration routinely upholds its core values of integrity, innovation, and team spirit – let’s face it, the organization is a big part of our lives. And while TSA tactics aren’t always conducive what you and I would call “freedom” or exactly “constitutional,” you have to admit that their screenings have probably, at some point, saved lives.

Even with the TSA’s formidable presence, people still try to sneak illegal crap onto planes. Guns, knives, grenades, fireworks – they’re all confiscated by the TSA on a weekly basis.

Now, all that prohibited stuff that they find is being immortalized on Instagram.

You can follow Instagram user TSAblogteam for all the latest updates on what the TSA is taking from people trying to board planes.

We’re talking some serious stuff here:

This Instagram is just an extension of the TSA blog, where they’ve been posting images of illicit items for a while now. It’s just now, they’re all pretty and filtered. HipTSA.

[via The Daily Dot]
  • Bea

    Actually, Josh, the TSA has NOT saved any lives. It has instead killed two passengers — its air marshals shot Rigoberto Alpizar to death, and the climate of hysteria it has created in airports got a woman with emotional problems arrested when she panicked at missing her flight. She died in police custody.

    If saving lives is what you’re after, we should ABOLISH THE TSA.

  • Conran

    Keep the public scared and a government can get away with anything in the name of “security”.

    You are more likely to die choking on a peanut or being hit by a bus than injured in any terrorist attack, that’s a fact that the bloated government using these scare tactics to spread their power over the masses will never tell you.

    There are a thousand more likely ways that the average citizen could be harmed, but I don’t see billions being invested in gun control, street crime, mental health services, poverty reduction, anti-smoking, obesity prevention… these things kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

    This is all part of the “keep them scared” mentality the US government has adopted to keep people distracted and BEGGING for more removal of liberties and rights.

    And all from a government that breaches international law and Human rights with drone strikes, indefinite detention, rendition and murder across the world, while spying on millions of innocent people, and foreign nations it calls “targets” for economic corruption.

  • Name

    You have a better chance of being killed by a street gang member than you do a terrorist. Think about it logically. Just look around your communities. There are so many high value targets that are not even guarded. If there was this great terrorist presence, we would be having attacks every day of the week. It just isn’t happening.

    The home of the brave has been replaced by a breed of people afraid of their shadows and because of that, we have lost all our rights. We have the greatest nation in the world. Trust me, no amount of terrorism will destroy it. However, it can fall from within. Ancient Rome saw that and today, we are very much like ancient Rome. We should listen to the great Americans of the past who warned us about giving up our rights.