The TSA Found 1,477 Loaded Guns in Carry-Ons Last Year

    January 24, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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Most government agencies are controversial. Chances are good that if you just start throwing out letters – EPA! IRS! DHS! – you’ll touch on something that could easily cause a Thanksgiving dinner argument.

Of course, the Transportation Security Administration is no exception. After 9/11, the TSA was created to “strengthen the security of the nation’s transportation systems and ensure the freedom of movement for people and commerce.” But if you ask many Americans, you’ll find that the TSA was actually created to infringe upon our basic rights and make air travel that much more of a bitch. Yes, members of the TSA have done some terrible things. I have my opinions, you have yours. This post isn’t about the validity of the TSA as an agency.

Instead, I’m just shocked by some statistics they just revealed in a blog post.

According to the TSA, 1,813 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at checkpoints last year. Of those firearms, 1,477 (or 81%) were loaded. This marks a 16.5% increase in guns discovered from 2012.

That seems like a ton of guns, no? I don’t want to wade into the TSA debate, but that’s a shit-ton of people trying to carry loaded guns onto airplanes. It’s a mind-blowing statistic. That’s 5 a day, by the way.

The TSA also provides us with a “worst-offenders” list, or the top 5 airports with the most firearm confiscations. In order you have ATL (Atlanta), DFW (Dallas), IAH (Houston), PHX (Phoenix) and DEN (Denver).

If you want to keep track of all the loaded guns the TSA finds, you can follow them on Instagram. Yep, the TSA has an Instagram account and it’s kind of fascinating. This loaded gun was found in a carry-on bag in Houston, Texas a few weeks ago:

Image via TSA

  • All Those Guns

    All those guns and the "terrorists" chose to use box cutters on 9/11. I swear 9/11 is a one big joke. Fundamentalists Muslims who used cocaine and saw hookers, used box cutters to hijack planes, then flew the 60 ton planes, going over 450 knots, into multiple targets with 100% accuracy, even though none of them could fly small single engine planes let alone jumbo jets. They could barely read English and did not know how to operate the encrypted flight control software on the plane. Then when you look at the flight data you see that the plane that hit the pentagon made an 8G turn (which by the way is enough to make anyone literally black out because blood would be forced so high in your skull) and flew the airliner 6 feet off the ground without leaving a scratch on the Pentagon lawn. After the Pentagon crash, they find on engine that is 3 times smaller than the two engines on the plane and later we find that half the hijackers are alive in other parts of the world. Not to mention, that the FBI was at the CITGO station across the street in under 5 minutes and ripping cameras off the walls. To get to the CITGO station would take you at least 5 minutes if you had known the attacks were going to happen. Yet, there they were, in under 5 minutes — which means they were already near the station just waiting to take the cameras. Back to the engines — the company I worked for made those engines. They are freaking indestructible and 9 feet tall. NINE FEET TALL. There should have a) been holes for the engines and b) both engines should have been found. Also, the engines should have dug huge grooves in the Pentagon lawn. The height of the hole and the dimensions of the plane show this quite clearly. The engines are so big they would have cut distinct grooves.

    Yet, fools out there believe the official story. Brainwashed fools that deny all the evidence right before their eyes.

  • JL

    This just shows you how safe we really are. This is nothing new. It has been going on for decades and we have had very very very very few incidents. It also goes to show you just how odd 9/11 was. Most military planners know 9/11 was an inside job because the odds of everything happening the way it did on 9/11 is astronomically small. I talked with a military planner who was at the Pentagon and he flat out told me that he knows it was an inside job and that many people know this. Our military isn't a bunch of amateurs and our defense systems are extremely good.

    Don't believe all the fear propaganda America. Don't believe it. Ever night all on the news, all you see is crime, crime, crime, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. Turn off your TV for a month and just live life. You will come to realize that A) you are very safe, B) minding your own business really does make you safe and C) what we see on TV is just overblown.

  • Phil

    9/11 was an inside job. Everyone knows this even if they say otherwise. The latest polls show that 39% of Americans don't believe the official story and I say that poll is a little low. Out of all my friends, none of us believe the official story. Some of it might be true but other parts just don't make logical sense and then there is the stuff the commission report doesn't even address. My point is this though — America knows something is wrong about that day. Most won't admit it in public but privately they do. The people who are truly nuts are the ones who believe the official story. It is ludicrous.

  • i

    2000 out of 58000000 domestic flyers is a lot smaller number then the number of knives or 3oz or more of questionable liquids or even lighters…..Yet no out cry over the other items that HAVE been used in aircraft hijackings……This article is to make guns look bad and the ALL of us owners.

    I wonder how many of those guns were government official related such as law enforcement,military,politicians,tsa and so on.

    • http://alt-market.com NetRanger

      Yes, once again, using their own mistakes to make A RIGHT LOOK BAD.

      I am one of the people and my right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Lawbreakers, SUPREME lawbreakers, all of those corruptment TSA workers!

  • http://alt-market.com NetRanger

    I DON'T BELIEVE IT! The feds and their lies are legendary. Do you think they'd tell you they'd found no guns?

    I believe this number of 1,800 or more guns just like I believe the unemployment rate is below 7%. Yah, right!

    FACT: In New York a "gun" is considered "loaded" if you are in possession of the ammo. You know, like the gun is in your glove compartment and the cartridges are cast into a cement block in the trunk. Not an exageration!

    FACT: In Washinton DC you can go to jail for a year for having "ammunition". What qualifies as ammunition? 1 fleck of gunpowder, an old, spent, casing, a dud shell, a bullet (with no powder, cartridge or primer withing 10 miles).

    The fact is, our corruptment (aka "government") absolutely perverts our language to scare and brainwash you. I'll bet that a "loaded gun" is anything to do with a gun. I'll bet that a spent casing or a loaded gun gets reported the same way. I don't know this but I suspect this. After all, the TSA (and our corruptment) want to instill as much fear in your as possible.

    FACT: You're way more likely to get killed by a cop's bullet than any other type of bullet. Yes, even if you're a soldier! Look up the stats. All those gun deaths they talk about as they try to use them to say we need gun control? Yeah, those stats. If you did deep enough you find they're mostly cops killing people. …and of course its always "justified". Funny, though, no one ever advocates taking the guns away from the cops, do they? But, yet, they use the cop's killing totals to brainwash us into believe that "guns are bad, we need to take them." If guns are bad, lets take them from the biggest murderers. The feds. The cops. The armed bastards that murder people in the streets that are never punished. Oh, that's right! They have an excuse. They "don't have time for this."

    Justice For Kelly!

  • J.T.

    The right to bear arms is crucial for American safety. That provision wasn't put in so that people could go hunt. It was put in to stop the population from being suppressed. I don't like guns. Don't own a gun. I couldn't care less about guns. But I will defend the right of every person to have a gun.

    Idiots kill people. Not guns. If you want to see what this world would be like if only those in authority had guns and all the power, go to your local prisons. Go and see how much abuse and death there is — that is caused by the police. It is easy to see how Nazi Germany happened. Easy. Go see how the police treat people there. Trust me. You will understand then.