The Top Web Properties In The U.S. In October Were…

    November 21, 2012
    Chris Crum
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comScore released its monthly Media Metrix rankings for the top fifty U.S. web properties for the month of October. The Elections played a big role in shaping this month’s list.

“Political News sites served as an important resource for Americans seeking the latest in the 2012 Presidential race, with the category reaching an all-time high of more than 60 million visitors in October,” said comScore EVP Jeff Hackett. “Increased traffic was also seen at Retail sites for those browsing costumes for Halloween and gifts for Sweetest Day, and we even saw signs of an early start to the holiday shopping season at Apparel and Toy sites.”

Google still topped the list with 190 million visitors during the month of October, followed by Yahoo sites with 170 million, Microsoft sites with 169 million and Facebook.com with 149 million.

October properties

The Weather Channel was a noteworthy entry, having jumped six spots thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

  • http://possiblynonsense.wordpress.com/ PossiblyNonsense

    Hard to believe MySpace is still more popular than Pinterest.

  • http://www.sdgwebdesign.com SDGSteve

    Was about to say the exact same thing, hard to believe half those sites get so much traffic I should look at this kind of stuff more, do people really use Ask? LinkedIn above Twitter a bit surprising too really.

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