The Top Electronic Retailer Sites

    August 3, 2007
  and Best Buy were ranked #1 for being the best online electronics retailers according to a Keynote Customer Experience Rankings for Electronics Retailers study.

Amazon was the top ranked site for search satisfaction, and one of the top ranked sites in six of nine categories including price satisfaction, product research and site navigation and organization.

Best Buy had the biggest improvement in online customer experience over the past year and was the top ranked site for customer satisfaction. It also ranked in the top for ease of purchase and customer support. Best Buys most significant gains were in search satisfaction.

The Dell Web site also saw improvements in customer experience and satisfaction in the past year, with solid gains in product interest and the overall perceptions of the visual appeal of its site.

In the Keynote Service Level Rankings studies Circuit City had the most reliable Web site with little or no downtime and Staples Web site was fastest in downloading pages and completing transactions.

The study examined 2,200 consumers online retail experience and was conducted during May and June 2007.