The Taxman Cometh To Downloads

NY Gov wants a cut of the iTunes action

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Looking to curb a $15 billion deficit in the state budget, New York Governor David Patterson has proposed a tax on internet downloads.

The proposal isn’t content-specific, so the four percent tax would apply to everything from music, books, software and, yes, to downloaded pornography.

Guess that’ll be a boost for streaming, then, huh?

One New York Conservative Party Chairman, Michael “Don’t Tax My Porn, Bro” Long told New York Daily news taxing pornography would legitimize the industry. Larry Flint probably worries about the same thing.

Twenty US states have begun taxing music downloads so far. As deficits and budget shortfalls boom, governments, especially state governments are looking to get a better grip on the cash-cow internet and squeeze a few pennies out of it. But being an interstate issue, regulation and taxation of the Internet is probably best left to the feds, if anybody.

If set at the federal level, at least you don’t have Kentucky (my home state) wasting time and money trying to seize gambling domains to protect its own gambling coffers. Taxes on the currently wild-and-free Internet seem to be an eventuality. Hopefully officials will be able to do it sensibly and hopefully those affected by the taxes will keep their heads about them.

The Taxman Cometh To Downloads
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  • http://www.danielmolano.com danielmolano

    You know what they say about life…the only thing that is guaranteed is death and taxes! so its not surprise.

    • http://www.thecanadiancopywriter.com Cheryl Woodhouse

      Yes, that is true. Although I wonder if their time couldn’t be better spent taxing other things?

  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Anonymous

    Like with the gas mileage tax, the overhead to keep track of it will cost more then they make from the tax. And they’ll just take away people’s privacy even more.

    So when people do their taxes, they’ll have the government seeing “oh you like dickgirls, tentacle rape, and everything sick from Japan.” Then there’s “Oh you like furry porn! Disgusting! And oh my god you downloaded all this furry-scat-diaper porn!”

  • joe glanis

    We went to war over a 2% tea tax, we should attack the governor with the internet. Email our friends and tell them to call the Governors office to stop evern thinking about taxing us even more. did you know gasoline is taxed at about 40%?

  • Guest

    Enough’s Enough! New York wants the rest of the world to pay for their Wasteful Administration and corruption. Because they have a history of deficits and corruption, now they go after Amazon.com and all internet downloads. They need to clean up their own act or sucede from the U.S.

    There’s already too much taxing and government intervention in our lives. If New York would have handled the funds in a proper manner they wouldn’t be in the trouble they’re always in.

    No Tax on Internet downloads!! Contact the local NY Senators and Governor and tell them to stop reaching into areas they have NO BUSINESS going after to pay for their slopping administration habits.

    New York is the worst, what a garbage state full of officials!

  • http://spyimplants.webs.com don muntean

    More tax? Governments are the biggest thieves operating!

    They increase taxation to finance a top heavy administration that is USELESS for ALL purposes…

    If the government needs more cash they can reduce the size of government and pay our overlords a little less…

  • Clinton

    Why don’t our elected officials, especially NY, spend less time thinking about new taxes they can propose, and spend more time thinking how they can live within their means!

    No new tax is a good tax, even if it’s a sin tax!

  • http://www.thetruthsoflife.com Jarett

    We seriously need to get some revolutionary minds into our offices… one’s that think in terms of raising money in ways that don’t include forced taxes. Perhaps we’d be better off with business minded people like Bill Gates in office; people who know how to generate income by means that involve an optional and voluntary giving of money. If people like something, they gladly pay for it.

  • http://www.eraserve.com Eraserve

    We really should get people into office who use their brain.. Raising taxes is not the end all be all solution to managing the budget, cutting spending is a valid tool as well.

  • http://www.archeryexerciser.com Archery

    The problem comes is as to how… as a small online business can I collect and pay taxes to all 50 states… WHAT a NIGHTMARE!!

  • http://zumbafitnessnj.com/ Zumba

    As a small online business marketer I see this whole tax situation as a potential nightmare. Imagine collecting taxes for 50 states and then submitting quarterly returns to each of them. How can a small business pay the expensive costs of account to this type of service? Perhaps all the states need to look at other ways of generating income other than taxing their constituents to death! When will this end?

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