The Sun Duped By Samoan Sex Tape Spoofers

    January 10, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

If you’re here on a seedy search mission, let me save you some time: There is no Britney sex tape on the Internet. It was a hoax. Sorry to disappoint you. If there is one (and we know there probably is) it’s not been leaked yet.

British tabloid The Sun was either duped, or didn’t bother to check into it too carefully. In case you missed the short-lived buzz, The Sun reported that was reporting that a sex tape showing a bald Britney Spears engaged in a multi-tasking event (what? Sexathlon, then?) with two girls and a guy while imbibing cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol.

The Sun Duped By Samoan Sex Tape Spoofers

A helluva night by anyone’s standards.

And the blogosphere got very excited, and then very disappointed, typical when dealing with Britney’s career in general. I looked and looked – you know, for strictly journalistic purposes – but there was nary a link nor censored screenshot to be found of the video anywhere. There were only links to the Sun’s article, and a few screenshots of the report.

The Sun Duped By Samoan Sex Tape Spoofers

Only, it wasn’t really that reported it – just a look-alike designed by, well, who knows? It was convincing though. The page was spoofed from this Britney/Dr. Phil article, but the URL isn’t structured the way Fox usually does it, and there’s no Fox icon like there should be in the URL bar.

The URL has a dozen or so (an exaggeration) subdomains that resolve finally to a ccTLD for Samoa. I’m not going to link to it, because it might have something contagious in it.
Contrary to a few blog commentator reports, it doesn’t look like was hacked, but rather effectively spoofed.

Effectively enough to put one over on The Sun, anyway.