The Soylent Web

    July 11, 2006

In his post, “The Next Web Is The Human Web,” Scoble writes:

“Quick, do a little project with me. Visit the home pages of Nestle and Quixtar.

Without clicking anywhere find me a real human being. Not one made out of a stock photo agency.

You don’t need to look. There aren’t any. Not to mention that you can’t talk to a real human being. And I don’t see anything on those two pages that I’d like to link to. Which means they won’t get high search engine rankings no matter how many SEO firms they pay.

Which is like throwing money down the toilet. If you met THE PEOPLE behind these companies I think you’d be far more likely to listen to what they have to say. Or sell. And they ARE experts on their business. It’s a damn shame that they aren’t allowed to talk with us on their Web sites.” (emphasis added)

Bingo. This is why Haystack networking is going to be a huge business.

Bonus link: Ross Mayfield

And one more: ThinkGeek

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