"The Sopranos" Star's Ex Jailed For Scheme Similar To Show's

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"The Sopranos" featured quite a few illegal dealings; if there was a way to make big money, Tony and his crew were usually on it. But one of those schemes is actually reportedly very similar to one allegedly run by a man who was married to one of the show's stars, and now he's asking a judge to be allowed to continue with business meetings while he's out on bail.

A.J. Discala, the CEO of Connecticut-based investment firm OmniView Capital Advisors and former manager to actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano), is accused of manipulating stocks, a federal charge that required $2 million bail and left him on house arrest. The investors involved in the scheme have lost as much as $50 million, but Discala has pleaded not guilty.

Discala has asked the judge to be allowed to continue his business dealings with companies like Google and Microsoft while he is at home, but prosecutors say they think meetings could only add to his trouble.

“We have concerns that this is a continuation of the fraud,” said Assistant US Attorney Walter Norkin.


Sigler was married to Discala for two years; they divorced in 2006. She has reportedly said he was very controlling over every aspect of her life, although she had nothing but nice things to say just after they split.

"To come from where you thought your life was set – that this is who you're going to be with, that you're going to start having children with him very shortly – for it all of a sudden to kind of all not be there, it's scary. I met A.J. when I was 19. We started dating when I was almost 21. But from the day I met him he was the man in my life. So I basically went from being in high school and having my parents take care of me to A.J. being that caretaker," she said.

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