The Sims 3: University Life Trailer, Details Released

    January 9, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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EA and Maxis have announced that three new The Sims 3 expansion packs will be released in 2013: The Sims 3 University Life, The Sims 3 Island Paradise, and another untitled expansion.

There is no word on when Island Paradise or the third expansion may be coming, but University Life will be released sometime in March 2013. From EA’s announcement:

The Sims 3 University Life will give players an opportunity to leave home and attend university, where they will enroll in classes, earn degrees and discover the crazy antics and hijinks that go hand-in-hand with the college lifestyle. From juice-keggers to new social groups, to protests in the quad and young love, there’s much more to university than time spent in the classroom. Sims will explore an all-new college town filled with new locations to visit such as the bowling alley and SimBurger and discover hidden talents through an array of extra-curricular activities, including spray painting murals, playing games of kicky bag in the quad and so much more!

It seems the partying will be a major focus of the expansion pack. The Limited Edition version of the expansion comes with a toga outfit, a masquerade mask, and a “Partaeus Maximus” statue. The trailer below also highlights the partying, which includes beer pong, keg stands, and streaking.

  • http://thusone c

    This expansion sounds great! I sure hope they add morenfeatures than seasons like awesome new locationSSS plural not just two like for instance of course we have a library but mske it bigger fill it and everything have othersims with crazy personalities not just have ur sim do all the work to make things interesting a lot more careers anything from tax accountant to magazine writer at a PROPER magazine place not just the business/journalism area make a fast food chain not just cafe area actual 24 hour places!We can take the bus why cant sims have them wait at a bus stop if need be. New career could now be a vet! With a proper vet area for pets become a dancer and take classes in dancing and modern performing arts as well as becoming a fashion designer, a builder/architect, a travel person or agent the possibilities are endless

    • http://None Ashley

      Yes! Yes yes I agree with every single thing you’ve said it would make the game sound sooo much more realistic and interesting, not saying that the sims is not interesting all ready, trust me it is, I know but some of those features would make the game so much more lively .

  • Jasmine Sweeting

    I cannot wait until this expansion pack comes out. It Is going to be epic.

  • N

    I cant wait for the sims university life but i would love the sims to have more stuff like new places and why cant sims travel (not like in world adventures )( i could use all the expan packs that you own already)if you have sims that eg live in bridgeport(late night) take a drive to sunset vally for the weekend enjoy a different world meet new sims i would buy that

    • Lewench

      I soooo agree with you!! Every time there is a new EP you start a whole new neighborhood. I’d love it if my legacy aims from the Riverview could move to Monte Vista or Farmington. Hopefully it will be soon!!

    • Jeanntal

      that is such an amazing idea I would really buy that!!!

  • Jenna

    I’m so excited for this :) It’s going to be just the greatest! And it comes out 5 days before I turn 16, so I’ll get a new game and my license within a week at least of eachother :)

  • Lucy B

    I am so freaking excited for University Life! But I’m definitely curious about the Time Travel pack!:D

  • Fabian

    I would like to transfer to other towns and places with same the same household like “N” suggeseted! But, I would really love to have new travel options. For example planes and cruzes! How could you drive to Sunlit tides if its an island? Thats why there should be different travel options to choose from! you can have a 1 week cruze and maybe a 4 hour plane ride (Depending on where you want to go). *Plus* I truly think that the next world to be sold in the sims 3 store should be a university store, to add on rival universities (You should have sims 3 university before buying). But thats just my opinion and wants. Happy simming!

    • http://None Ashley

      Omg ! I totally agree!!! It would be so much better than just the regular old car .

  • http://None Ashley

    OMG I so can’t wait for this games to come out !!!!!! I’m counting down LOL I have it marked on my calendar and everything :) but ( just an idea) it would be soooo cool if there was a expansion pack where you where able to go all around the world,something like world adventures but you could go to more than one city. Also it would be cool if there was a ep where you could see inside the buildings and where you could also get sick with things like cancer and stuff…..I just really want the game to feel realistic! But any away I can’t wait for the sims university to come out!!! :) so excited!

  • ashy

    did it say play with ‘herbs’