The Second Life Hype Cycle 2.0

    January 2, 2007

In a great example of blogsourcing, my idea to gauge Second Life against the Gartner Group Hype Cycle is being refined thanks to a post from Linda Zimmer.

Tony Walsh at Clickable Culture updated and improved my initial attempt (shown here) and Electric Sheep’s Chris Carella also weighs in on the topic.

I’ve stopped following the Second Life hype months ago…most of our projects to date have been experiments for brands learning about virtual worlds. While we continue to climb the Slope of Enlightenment with our partners, I believe this upcoming year we will begin to showcase the power of virtual worlds and the ways they can build much stronger communities than the web.

In the comments of my initial post, Prokofy Neva notes how the hype cycle might get even more granular in its analysis.

All interesting points to consider.


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