The Search Engine Traction Issue

    July 23, 2007

Is this the issue that Ask and Microsoft will get some PR traction on?

From my read of how people are responding to Google lately the answer is “yes.”

Google has not opened up its PR to grassroots bloggers that I can tell. Even big-name journalists tell me that Google is still giving them the standard PR tour of the kitchen and hasn’t had a “privacy summit” yet where journalists and bloggers and streaming video personalities are asked to come in and ask their toughest questions.

I don’t get why Google isn’t putting on the full-court PR press here.

Google doesn’t call, they don’t write, and they aren’t getting in front of the privacy story.

Which means that its competitors are going to out maneuver Google here. You know where to find me. I have lots of interview slots open this week.

UPDATE: or as TechCrunch writes: “privacy is the new black.”

Can you tell I’m reading feeds? Heh!