The Risk Of Loosing Business Focus When Blogging

    January 31, 2005

A warning for blog evangelists (like myself). We should “…proceed more cautiously when promoting to businesses in such blanket terms that they must have a blog …

… because not every business needs a hammer” according to Things that … make you go hmm.

I can only agree. Of course, I’d expect everyone to agree. But it’s still valuable to remind oneself from time to time.

Actually I think there’s been so much discussion about when to blog, that it would be interesting to discuss when a company absolutely shouldn’t blog. “Things that…” throws in two suggestions. First of all when the company doesn’t need the work a blog might generate. That’s the easy and perhaps too obvious one. The other one is more interesting — “…if it takes the business focus away from what is making it money just to do something that may make them more money in the long run, that might not be a risk worth taking.”

Now that’s a question I struggle with every week. I know all the reasons why a company could use a blog. I have seen them all work. Blogs deliver results. But they also consume time. And they have this tendency to become addictive (that’s why we believe in them so much, I guess).

Reader comment by Susan Getgood:

“I think it comes down to priorities. Businesses need to engage in the marketing and sales activities that will deliver the desired results. If a blog does the job, it should be part of the marketing mix. If other acitivies are more approporiate , the company should do those first, and perhaps add a blog at some future date.

From a marketing perspective, I think the key is to understand that a blog is just one of the many tools we have to reach, and convince, an audience. It just may not be the right first choice in every instance.”

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