The Real Secret That You Don’t Hear The Top Marketers Talking About! Revealing This Will Probably Get Me Banned!

    August 18, 2003

In preparation for a radio interview with Annie Jennings of, I sat contemplating the real secret to “big-time” on-line success. I was searching for the difference between those earning just a few hundred a month, and those earning thousands.

Shifting my thinking just a little, I wondered what the difference was between those earning say ten thousand dollars and those earning over one hundred thousand a month.

Suddenly, it hit me, like a load of bricks. It was something I had known for years and even implemented. It was something I had seen casually mentioned, but seldom discussed in-depth. Yet is was what all of the top dogs were doing to generate a steady, huge income. What was this? They were all marketing products that were essential, and offered a residual income.

I know, you say, “Willie that’s not a revelation.” But it is. You see, most people who go after residual income, do it by trying to sell things nobody needs or wants. You have to identify what your market needs, wants, knows it wants, and is willing and capable of paying for. That’s what the big dogs are doing. That’s what I am doing to generate an incredible residual income.

You say, “Ok genius! What types of products are you talking about?” We’ll for my market it’s merchant accounts, web hosting, autoresponders, shopping cart hosting, and list hosting and management. If you just stop and look, you’ll clearly see this is what the big dogs are marketing – to you! These are things you need, know that you need, and have no choice but to pay for. Without these things you are out of business.

So the key is not to create a market for something where none exists. It’s to provide what that market wants and needs. As my friend Marlon Sanders say, “Whatever they’re buying, I’m selling.” Jonathan Mizel puts it very eloquently too. He admonishes, “Go for the low hanging fruit!” They aren’t just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk. I’d like for you to do the same thing.

I was already offering several of the services mentioned above. This week, I decided to offer shopping cart hosting as well. Why? I’ve been using and selling the autopilotriches system for a long time. It integrates a shopping cart, instant digital product delivery, affiliate program management, autoresponders, mailing list management, ad and ROI tracking, and a lot of other features all in one package. The database is completely integrated.

I have taught for a long time that if you really like something, consider marketing it, since a lot of others probably will too. So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve set up the same system I was using but now on my domain at: Actually, it’s still being configured. However, I wanted to share that with you as a dear subscriber, because I want to let you share in the benefit of my actions. I am going to make a really sweet offer to you though.

Actually, I’ve already done that. I sent out an email earlier this week saying I wanted to give my list members $5 to take a look at something. Well- I wanted you to test drive my system and I will reward you with $5 sent to you via Paypal. There is no obligation, I just want you to see how the system works. However, I want you to wait until a day or so until the system is fully configured. Why? Because if you sign up through Autopilotriches and become an affiliate, you’ll only earn a 20% residual commission. If you sign up through my system as an affiliate, I’ll give you 30% of the monthly fee every customer pays me to use my system.

Do you see the beauty and truth in what I just pointed out to you above though. If over the next year you sign up just 100 customers, who are getting a service they absolutely must have, you’ll earn up to $20.70 per month for as long as they remain with us. That’s $248.40 per year. For those 100 customers that’s over 24 thousand! A person signs up for a service like this and uses it for years. You have more in residual income coming in per year that most people earn at real jobs. Now instead of just 100 sign-ups, imaging having 2000 – 3000 sign-ups. Do you see how this is the real secret of the big dogs. Do you see the kind of monthly income that they are generating.

I gave you just one example. Residuals from merchant accounts, hosting and lots of other services work exactly the same way. How many people have explained this to you before? I bet very few. They don’t really want you to notice the big picture. The big picture was pointed out to me over 4 years ago, and I largely ignored it. The big picture is that you are a lot better off selling goods and services to the goldminers, than you are trying to be a successful gold-miner. The will always need tools, food, shelter, and even companionship. You’re guaranteed more to benefit from providing these essential to the miners than you are taking your chances hitting a jackpot. I submit that in providing what they need, you will discover you have hit the real jackpot!

I’ve just given you a bigger success secret than I have seen in any of the multi-hundred dollar courses I’ve gone through. I’ve gone through most of them too. My home library is filled with the material from most of the top marketers. I do learn a lot from them. However, none of them shared with me this one key. You are now light-years ahead of 99.99% of internet marketers out there. The question is just, “What will you do with this knowledge?”

Bet you’re still wondering about the five dollars too. Just send a blank email to my autoresponder at: As soon as the programmer finishes configuring my system, I’ll drop you an email and you can give me your Paypal email to send your money. What could be easier?

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