Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.

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Yahoo has been testing various redesigns of its homepage for months, but now it has announced the “new Yahoo experience”.

Note: We’ve updated this article from its original form, and since it was first posted, the negative comments have flooded in. While you will typically see this with any redesign of a major property, we’re not seeing a whole lot of positive ones to balance them out.

Anything you do like about it? What do you or don’t you like about the revamp? Let us know in the comments.

“Over the years, Yahoo! has evolved from a directory of links to a place that helps millions of people go about their daily habits,” a spokesperson for the company told WebProNews on Wednesday. “Beginning today, you will start to see a new Yahoo! that’s designed to be more modern, intuitive, and personal, and I wanted to make sure you got the news from the company.”

Here’s what the homepage looks like now:

New Yahoo homepage

New features include:

  • A newsfeed with infinite scroll
  • Newly designed apps for stock quotes, sports scores, weather, Flickr photos, friends’ birthdays and horoscope
  • Yahoo and Facebook login, which let you see personalized articles based on what your friends have shared
  • A more consistent experience across the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Under-the-hood improvements to speed things up

CEO Marissa Mayer wrote a blog post about the new experience.

“Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says. “Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends.”

“Because you come to Yahoo! everyday for must-know information, we’ve also introduced newly designed applications,” she adds. “From your local weather forecast to Facebook friends’ birthdays, you’ll always have the information you need. We’ve also refreshed some of what you love most — including our Yahoo! editorial features, and the daily snapshot into popular trending web searches.”

Mike Kerns, VP, Product, discussed the new Yahoo experience in more detail in a post on Yahoo’s blog.

“To view more personally relevant content in the newsfeed, just sign in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID in the upper right corner of your screen,” he explains. “The newsfeed defaults to a ‘blend’ of story types, but also allows you to filter your view through a handful of popular categories, such as news, local, entertainment and sports. For additional choices in the newsfeed filter, just click the ‘More’ button to choose from other categories that interest you like business, technology, politics or science. If you want to see fewer stories about a particular topic in the future, hover your cursor to the right of the story and click on the ‘X’ button. And remember, the more feedback you provide, the more personalized and relevant your experience will be.”

New Yahoo

new Yahoo

“In addition to seeing news stories that your friends have read and shared, you can easily share with them,” he says. “When you come across a news item that you’d like to share, hover over it to view a button that allows you to share the story via email, Facebook, or Twitter.”

New Yahoo

There are a total of seven new applications on the right side of the screen for: weather, stocks, sports, friends’ birthdays, horoscopes, Flickr photos, and popular videos from Yahoo. These can be personalized by hovering over the upper right side to clic the gears icon.

“For example, getting ready for March Madness? Add your favorite teams to the Sports application to catch up on the latest scores,” says Kerns. “Keeping an eye on your investments? To view stock quotes, click on the gears icon in the Quotes application to integrate your portfolio, look up quotes, or add new stocks. Travel often? Add as many cities as you’d like to the Weather application.”

Customize new Yahoo

You can also click the “x” button in the upper right corner of the application box to remove the application, should you see fit. There’s a “restore all” button a the bottom if you want to bring it back later.

As mentioned, the new design is consistent with the mobile experience, which lets you swipe through the “Today” stories. You can scroll down the newsfeed, and swipe left to take action on the content (like share it). You can also swipe left to access the applications.

Yahoo Mobile

The new design is in the process of rolling out in the U.S. Mayer says they’ll be making additional (but unspecified) changes in the coming months. We’re already seeing a lot of feedback (sadly, most of it is negative). It will be interesting to see how Yahoo responds.

Yahoo has indicated that it is focused on search, as it released its Q4 and full year 2012 earnings helped significantly by it. Whether or not Yahoo’s future search plans include Microsoft remains to be seen. Even if Yahoo wants to abandon the companies’ “Search Alliance,” Microsoft will do its best not to make it easy.

Right now, Yahoo needs to be concerned about keeping users on its still massively popular homepage. Yahoo has a realtime counter that shows how many people have visited the homepage up to the current time on any given day. At the time of this writing, tt’s just 8:40 Eastern, and it’s already received nearly 40 million views today so far.

What do you think of the new homepage? Let us know in the comments.

Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.
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  • http://www.edonilab.com/ Doni

    I had to try it for a few days, I comment again

  • Karen O

    Hate the new design…

  • Chazz

    Why did they change it? Oh wait I know….so they could make more money. Do I like it? NO! Doesnt matter they wont change it back. We are just pawns in the game of life. However if we were paying for this we could make them change .

  • davidw

    This one is not quite as bad as the other new one.

    However, it does look uglier – like Microsoft Windows 8 or something.

  • Dianne

    The new page is too busy. TOO MANY ARTICLES and I don’t want to waste time scrolling for the headlines. Just give me the headlines in a condensed list view as you used to. I don’t want to always have to see the first few sentences of every article. Because of the expanded way of showing each news item, you have to toggle now between Politics, Entertainment, Local, etc.. I used to see all the top headlines on one screeen. Bring the old page back or please consider revisions!!!

  • John

    I hate the new web page on the iPad

  • jim

    Hate the new front page. bring back the old one

  • http://Yahoo Inez

    I don’t like the new format and wish to be switched back to the old one asap.

  • Allie

    I loath the new home page. The all purple and white is awful. Also, my favorites should be on top and I should still see the icons for them. What are you doing Yahoo? We are not tired of our old page, we all want it back. Hate, hate, hate the new one.

  • pc

    Hate it!

  • margaret

    Absolutely horrible….will find a new home page

  • Lin

    HATE the new Yahoo homepage….it is very FRACTURED, NOT focused,
    not easy to find (at a glimpse)the news in the various threads…..GO BACK TO THE OLD LOOK!!!! IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T MESS WITH IT!!!

  • Big Mike

    New Yahoo homepage stinks. Stupid preview synopsis blocks out photos, ceaseless scrolling to find key stories, funny colors – been on Yahoo since I started browsing, but will leave shortly to find a more organized news source.

  • Watcher

    HATE the new design… Just like Windows 8, the new version is for swipe tablets and phones. Screw the PC users who made them what they are… The laugh will be on them.. People will use the mail and not read the articles.

  • D Stuart

    The new Yahoo homepage is cluttered, disorganized, and it lacks focus. After 15 years, I’m going somewhere else, even if it’s the local newspaper in my front yard.

  • JFin

    Absolutely 100% Horrible!!! Whoever at Yahoo made the final approval to publish this new layout to the masses should be given a “pink slip”. What a totally disgraceful and embarrassing abomination in just about every aspect of the new page… I’m in no way against change and something new, but this new layout is a complete mess and an epic failure!

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  • rtms

    Hate it, the colors are terriable. I use to be able to choose the background colors etc now, it’s just white and purple. Yuck. Not to mention half the news blocks are unviewable.

  • Ronnie Z

    “the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says”….Great! I’m interested in getting rid of this new ADD nightmare and my preference is getting the old functional familiar easy to navigate home page back.

  • charlene provence

    Ugh! Dislike the new look. Gives me a headache!!!! It feels very overwhelming.

  • ash

    I was using Yahoo from its start. I just switched permanently. Their new design is quite annoying. I can’t believe this was not picked up in the initial testing. If they didn’t care about their users, they deserve the loss in their market share. If they didn’t pick it up in their early market research, well they server what they get for being incompetent.
    I suspect that Yahoo will realize its mistake pretty soon but it may be too late regain the users that they lost (like me).

    Bottom line, the new design is worthless and the new CEO will soon feel the pain and consequence of ill-conceived ideas.

  • http://yahoohomepage reality check

    The new homepage sucks. Who wants to scroll down 100 items hoping to find something interesting?!?!
    It is pink and purple and nauseating and juvenile and looks like Hello Kitty threw up.
    I have had the same email address for nearly 15 yrs. Can’t imagine changing it, but this thing is BAD.
    They even deleted the Feedback link at the bottom of the page.
    Guess they can’t handle the reaction.
    It sucks.

  • ash

    I was using Yahoo from its start. I just switched permanently. Their new design is quite annoying. I can’t believe this was not picked up in the initial testing. If they didn’t care about their users, they deserve the loss in their market share. If they didn’t pick it up in their early market research, well they server what they get for being incompetent.
    I suspect that Yahoo will realize its mistake pretty soon but it may be too late regain the users that they lost (like me).

    Bottom line, the new design is worthless and the new CEO will soon feel the pain and consequence of ill-conceived ideas.

  • TC

    Yahoo new homepage is a mess, when are they going to learn, simple is Great!

  • suzanne

    I despise the new yahoo home page. as a >10 year user of yahoo I am very sad and dissapointed about this. I want the old yahoo home page back!!

  • Diane

    Absolutely loathe the new homepage. It is really a question of ‘what were they thinking’? The infinite scrolling… awful colors… terrible organization… never finding what I want to read… no ability to change colors or organize… Yahoo has lost a long time customer. I’ve adjusted to all their previous redesigns, but this one is too much. It gives me a headache and makes my eyes burn…. bye-bye Yahoo.

    • Curtis S

      Exactly, it is purely there to ensure we get ADS, not to help us get what we want done and thus it is useless to us and will not get them ad revenue either. Maybe they should have ASKED us users what we wanted instead of playing mommy???

  • http://facebook ann

    Hate it..looking for a new one this one sucks…………….

  • Kirk

    Wow. I have been a Yahoo user since the mid ’90s…but I just can’t stand it anymore. The new Yahoo Mail is bad…but the web site is unusable — literally! I can’t seem to keep my browser from crashing after 30 seconds of merely displaying the page!

    This is hopefully the kiss of death, as Yahoo now needs to be “put down” for its own good. To see it thrashing in such pain in unconscionable.

    Bye, Yahoo…


  • http://iam-tha-way.com Jorge

    Really? Computer’s crashing because of a home page? I too have been a Yahoo user since the 90’s and this is fine for what kind of tool it is. It gives me headlines, a convenient menu, and some articles then I move on to bigger and better things.

    Yahoo mail needs improvement. A lot of improvement.

  • Yahoo defector

    I have used Yahoo! as my homepage for over 10 years. That just ended, now I use msn.com. I have seen changes before but this is so bad I just deleted my entire yahoo account.

    • David

      I COMPLETELY agree! What idiot thought the best place for the text would be on top of the picture?
      I’m currently looking for a new home page.
      Yahoo, you guys are fools!

    • Michael

      There is way too much reliance on images on the new homepage. The wide user of the purple color offends my aesthetic senses. The overwhelming use of images is just that, overwhelming.
      There is “news” that might effect most and there is “news” that is of a more personal interest (celebrity events, sensational trials, etc.); the new Yahoo fails to separate the two.

      Yahoo should simply offer a choice between the original layout and the new.

  • Yahoo defector

    Delete your Yahoo account here:



    Terrible layout! What happened to quality and common sense?

  • Lewis

    The new Homepage is terrible! Please tell me how I can view Yahoo on it’s previous homepage. If I can’t, I will have to stop using Yahoo.

  • Alee

    Too cumbersome. Too bland. Everything meshes together making it difficult to find each section. Especially dislike being forced to log in to either Facebook or Yahoo to view local news stories and weather. Not interested in having to log in anywhere to get basic news and information. It was better like it was.

  • ncmako

    Unusable for me now. Nothing displays correctly? IE10 & FireFox,problems with both.I think they did very little beta testing
    and jumped the gun before making the update. Wife uses a Samsung Galaxy2 tablet, constant freezing now??? Have NO CHOICE but to totally advoid Yahoo now. What a disaster!
    Will change over to Gmail because of this.

  • James

    The new homepage is really bad. Color is bad, it just looks so messy and confusing. That stupid text bar across the picture. I use to RELAX with yahoo homepage, now it causes me stress.

  • Marty

    This new home page is the worst I have ever seen. Too much going on, very confusing, Color is bad as if a little ferry designed. Keep professional! If this doesn’t change soon I will have to choose another home page. Have used yahoo for years. Will not get use to this change. Good luck!!

  • Jaha Raho

    Very Terrible Design. Very funny. Yahoo Home page is now a never ending News Scroller. Plus you cannot remove that band that takes half of the images on the headlines

  • Marty

    Keep things simple. Yahoo, you are falling right in line with the way our government is being run. I want out. This new look stresses me out for some reason. When I first saw it all my quick links were gone. WTF!!

  • Tamara

    Switching to MSN! Layout and design not streamlined in any fashion.

  • ethan culbreth

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it too. I’ve asked this question before, but does anyone else have a major problem when you do a yahoo or google search, it gives you a bunch of legitimate links, but when you click on them you are “redirected” by something called “daily news auckland” to a fake, junk website that is another search engine, usually telling you you just searched for something that you did not search for? I had to copy and paste the address just to get to this website as the Daily News Auckland kept taking me to a page where I was searching for, I kid you not, Domino’s Pizza.
    Please help me, this is VERY annoying.

  • http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk Cartridge Save

    I think it’s pretty good, I’m not sure why there have been such negative responses. Yahoo’s page is quite complex, though, it’s much more cluttered than Google’s for instance. That’s not the best way to go about it, but I like them all the same.

  • margo

    So far don’t like it. I changed my homepage to Google,compressed and personalized it. Yahoo’s prior format was a good,quick read updated frequently. I like Yahoo’s selection of news items (they are different than Google’s) so I decided to work with the new Yahoo format to see if it becomes less irritating over time. Yahoo’s new homepage is unorganized, messey, repetative, very irritating, and the type seem too big. It takes way too much time to read and winnow out the junk. The “endless” scroll needs to end. The articles on the “all news” page need to be categorized. I want to be able to delete whole categories (like Sports and Entertainment)and add categories (what happened to Finance?). The constant prunning of story topics you don’t want to see is time consuming and I think would probably have to be done every day. The local section is way too broad – I live in CT why am I seeing stories from Jersey City, NJ. Since the point of a homepage is to sell ads, the amt of time the reader uses to fix the page and read it means they are not going to have time to look at ads, or because this is irritating, feel too good about the ads. I don’t think the pictures or subheads under the headlines add info, but they do take up a lot of space. Really, the more I think about it,Yahoo’s new homepage is discouraging. I don’t look forward to seeing what’s up. But I’m going to stick with it a while.

  • michael leffew

    IT FLAT OUT SUCKS! I have used yahoo for YEARS and, even though my MAIN EMAIL address yahoo and changing will be a hassle, I am seriously considering doing just that. At least give me back the options to change colors and add/remove items from the list on the left. GIVE ME BACK MY OLD YAHOO!

  • http://NewYahoostartpage Bob N

    I hate it it…..I still use Yahoo Classic Mail. I loved the old layout that allowed you some customization of page colors….cant stand the vioet or purple title bars….bright white background screen. Why not test market the thing as a Beta….and get reviews. I hope they allow me a choice to go back to the previous one. This is as much fun as Windows 8 but at least other companies came up with the original “start button” like XP Pro had. If they allowed me a switch back to the old page, I would do it in a heart beat. The good news: I spend less time on the computer catching up on current events because of this page….all your advertizing potential will go out the window. Sorry Yahoo but this is the “New Coca Cola” and give me the old formula.

  • jerf

    I actually like it. I say “actually” since the majority of the responses have been negative. I especially like that you can customize the news feed, so I can block stories about Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Good on Yahoo for finally making a change for the better.

  • K DC

    I do not like the new Yahoo home page because I cannot edit the left hand column, which means “my favorites” are no longer an editable option. I do not like the bright white. I do not like the captions under the pictures in the news feed. I’ll spend more time on my y and much less on the home page.

  • Kelly byrne

    If something works why fix it. the old style was fine. I had it set up the way I wanted. Now its all gone and all I see are a bunch of advertisements.. This new page sucks…… I switching too.

  • L.A

    Man, this is one of the worse websites I have ever seen for a major site like Yahoo. If they don’t change it I will be switching over to something else. The old Yahoo site was one of the best on the net, You know the old saying, if it’s NOT BROKE don’t change it. The problem is yahoo get’s these new idiots in charge and they think they need to come in and do a bunch of changes, WRONG, you are just running customers off. Get rid of this trash now!!!!

  • Karl

    Yahoo has always been my homepage. This stupid cheesy load-me-with idiocy garbled heap of crap has driven me away for good. These clowns have committed suicide. Yahoo, the new Netscape.

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