Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.

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Yahoo has been testing various redesigns of its homepage for months, but now it has announced the “new Yahoo experience”.

Note: We’ve updated this article from its original form, and since it was first posted, the negative comments have flooded in. While you will typically see this with any redesign of a major property, we’re not seeing a whole lot of positive ones to balance them out.

Anything you do like about it? What do you or don’t you like about the revamp? Let us know in the comments.

“Over the years, Yahoo! has evolved from a directory of links to a place that helps millions of people go about their daily habits,” a spokesperson for the company told WebProNews on Wednesday. “Beginning today, you will start to see a new Yahoo! that’s designed to be more modern, intuitive, and personal, and I wanted to make sure you got the news from the company.”

Here’s what the homepage looks like now:

New Yahoo homepage

New features include:

  • A newsfeed with infinite scroll
  • Newly designed apps for stock quotes, sports scores, weather, Flickr photos, friends’ birthdays and horoscope
  • Yahoo and Facebook login, which let you see personalized articles based on what your friends have shared
  • A more consistent experience across the web, smartphones and tablets
  • Under-the-hood improvements to speed things up

CEO Marissa Mayer wrote a blog post about the new experience.

“Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences,” she says. “Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends.”

“Because you come to Yahoo! everyday for must-know information, we’ve also introduced newly designed applications,” she adds. “From your local weather forecast to Facebook friends’ birthdays, you’ll always have the information you need. We’ve also refreshed some of what you love most — including our Yahoo! editorial features, and the daily snapshot into popular trending web searches.”

Mike Kerns, VP, Product, discussed the new Yahoo experience in more detail in a post on Yahoo’s blog.

“To view more personally relevant content in the newsfeed, just sign in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID in the upper right corner of your screen,” he explains. “The newsfeed defaults to a ‘blend’ of story types, but also allows you to filter your view through a handful of popular categories, such as news, local, entertainment and sports. For additional choices in the newsfeed filter, just click the ‘More’ button to choose from other categories that interest you like business, technology, politics or science. If you want to see fewer stories about a particular topic in the future, hover your cursor to the right of the story and click on the ‘X’ button. And remember, the more feedback you provide, the more personalized and relevant your experience will be.”

New Yahoo

new Yahoo

“In addition to seeing news stories that your friends have read and shared, you can easily share with them,” he says. “When you come across a news item that you’d like to share, hover over it to view a button that allows you to share the story via email, Facebook, or Twitter.”

New Yahoo

There are a total of seven new applications on the right side of the screen for: weather, stocks, sports, friends’ birthdays, horoscopes, Flickr photos, and popular videos from Yahoo. These can be personalized by hovering over the upper right side to clic the gears icon.

“For example, getting ready for March Madness? Add your favorite teams to the Sports application to catch up on the latest scores,” says Kerns. “Keeping an eye on your investments? To view stock quotes, click on the gears icon in the Quotes application to integrate your portfolio, look up quotes, or add new stocks. Travel often? Add as many cities as you’d like to the Weather application.”

Customize new Yahoo

You can also click the “x” button in the upper right corner of the application box to remove the application, should you see fit. There’s a “restore all” button a the bottom if you want to bring it back later.

As mentioned, the new design is consistent with the mobile experience, which lets you swipe through the “Today” stories. You can scroll down the newsfeed, and swipe left to take action on the content (like share it). You can also swipe left to access the applications.

Yahoo Mobile

The new design is in the process of rolling out in the U.S. Mayer says they’ll be making additional (but unspecified) changes in the coming months. We’re already seeing a lot of feedback (sadly, most of it is negative). It will be interesting to see how Yahoo responds.

Yahoo has indicated that it is focused on search, as it released its Q4 and full year 2012 earnings helped significantly by it. Whether or not Yahoo’s future search plans include Microsoft remains to be seen. Even if Yahoo wants to abandon the companies’ “Search Alliance,” Microsoft will do its best not to make it easy.

Right now, Yahoo needs to be concerned about keeping users on its still massively popular homepage. Yahoo has a realtime counter that shows how many people have visited the homepage up to the current time on any given day. At the time of this writing, tt’s just 8:40 Eastern, and it’s already received nearly 40 million views today so far.

What do you think of the new homepage? Let us know in the comments.

Has Yahoo Improved Its Homepage? Many Think Not.
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  • Denise Roland


    • Liz Hooks

      I agree and am now going to go through the hassle of getting a new email address I think

      • Cheerios

        Yup… me too.. malarkey!

  • Wei Jin

    the new yahoo interface really sucks. I hate it!

  • Liz Hooks

    Hate it! And I am getting sooo frustrated with yahoo mail, which now makes even simple tasks like replying to a message difficult.

  • elaine cohen

    i no longer can remove individual stocks on the left hand column…….i miss the ticker tape and i prefer quotes not percentages up or down…..the page is ugly and hard to use…..all chopped up…..the comments you show above are in FEBRUARY……why is that.it is november……i loved this site BUT if it remains this way i will move to another start page……why can’t you leave well enough alone………

  • Karl Cline

    It took me a long time to get exactly what I want and to set how I wanted it to look. If Yahoo forces me to change I will have to find someplace else to set up my homepage, and will try to NEVER USE ANYTHING RELATED TO YAHOO! AGAIN.

  • mike s.

    It’s obnoxious. Looks like something google would design; google while great at creating products, sucks at UX-design. It seems there is much more emphasis on advertisement than content. It’s designed to get you to click on ads accidentally it seems.

    I’ve been using yahoo!finance since the days of Jerry. Now i too have been looking for an alternative. Saw someone mentioned MSN. will give them a try.

  • http://yahoo.uk Kevin Lord

    Why change it when its already working well. Go back to the old simple one. Learn to keep things simple. I hate this new cofused frusrating complicated new look.

  • http://yahoo.uk Kevin


  • cerberus

    Hate it just set my homepage to Google!!

  • http://YahooFinance Pieter

    Did the same people that made this upgrade do the Obamacare site? This has been my homepage for years and years. It has changed to the point of being unusable. Hello? Heads should be rolling.

  • http://yahoohomepage trev

    absolute crap , and thats just regarding what Mayer said .
    the home page is horrible rubbish no one wanted and as for new mail replacing classic , what crap .
    Mayer has buggered yahoo up big time . no one likes any of these pointless changes , google rip offs .
    there are thousands and thousands of haters of these changes and yet we all know yahoo will do nothing about it , Mayer will get her bonus for failure and we’re lumbered with this shit .
    time to BOYCOTT YAHOO FOR A FEW DAYS and see how they get on with no users as thats how its going to be soon enough .
    fire MAYER NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoohompage jerald wayne riddles

    I don’t know what you did but can’t even get new news or local or anything anymore , am looking for new homepage , whatever you did go back to old page

  • http://yahoohomepage mp

    I hate it -I just don’t want the infinite news reel or much of the other stuff on offer. It’s rubbish

  • http://yahoo Jon Whitley

    I have just returned from a 2 week holiday to find that the ‘yahoo homepage’ has automatically turned into a rubbish format; which I Hate, as it is cluttered,slow,full of JUNK, and offers no way of re-setting it to the last version.I appreciate that it is free: as I have no interest in anything advertised, but it is RUBBISH!

  • Concerned.Newfie

    The most obnoxious thing is that after you accidentally convert to the new page, only then do they tell you that you cannot revert back to the old version. The entire webpage looks horrible in this format.

    Found out I can still use the ca .my .yahoo which shows the old format. On my 2 computers side by side on 2 27 in monitors you can bring up both at the same time. side by side you see how much was lost.

    Bookmarks are now dropped down into folders, you cannot just have one column of bookmarks anymore. The weather app no longer shows 10 of your favorite cities just one. Ugliest is the little mini pictures it defaults too on the newsfeeds let alone they took away the pure black background so I have to use a dark camping picture they provide as a bad 2nd choice.

  • Lynda

    Aside from adding the weather to the home page, I like NOTHING about this new design, Yahoo. Listen to your customers for a change, will ya’?

  • http://www.thetligroup.com Bill McKeag

    Absolutely the worst make over I have ever seen and I have stopped using it completely now. Too many articles (from every news source in the world now it seems) ……….. quantity is not quality Yahoo!!! You’ve lost a 10 year user with this garbage! Change it back asap pleasssssssse!!1

    • Cheerios

      nay, they won’t change back to simplicity.. because ads sell stuff and Yahoo gets a hit… just move to Google!

  • Gavin

    People dont like change, its true of any update to a popular site (I’m sure we can all think of a hanful over the last year or so), you cant pelase all the people all the time – However – one thing your site article does not show is the advertising shown all around the outside that does not seem to be able of being turned off. Being force fed massive Google/Android/other products with no option to remove it that I can find is making me question my supplier… I dont mind the odd box or banner (its part of a free service), but not something that takes the whole page…

  • Steve

    I can agree with many of the comments here, but I am not opposed to the changes themselves. What does annoy me is the fact that they don’t work. Clicking to the next set on the scrolling news feed it doesn’t fill and as for the new mail, half the time the options don’t work as well as they should, eg deleting. I applaud the idea but hate the fact it appears to have been implemented in a beta version.

  • Seabeck Cellars

    Hate the new Yahoo Home page…..I’ve tried it now for several months and have given up. The old layout gives so much more information at a glance. I’m looking to find the old layout or leaving Yahoo altogether….any suggestions from readers would be appreciated.




  • http://finance edward sammak

    Yahoo is awful I am going to another site I waste too much time trying to remove stock symbols that I do not remove it is easy to enter but difficult to remove

  • http://finance edward sammak

    no wonder people complain

  • connie hanson

    always used yahoo but looking at google now, thanks for messing up my yahoo page, what a mess this is now. hate it big time.

  • Cheerios

    The ‘New’ Yahoo stinks… it forces too much garbage news, a tabloid approach to gluttony of information.. over the top.. and imposed.. like Facebook.. its a modern trick for sheep.. baa baaa baaaaaa follow along and the cookies will trail every choice… this feeds into marketing profits.. while the unsuspecting wanderer clicks on the bright pennies.

  • http://yahoo cindy

    yahoo used to be great. NOW YAHOO IS HORRID! Are they coo coo? What were the thinking? Everyone I know is moving out of yahoo to another carrier. Poor yahoo. They’re on their way out. Sad, because I used to like them. They used to have a great homepage. It is awful now, AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing but frustration.

  • http://yahoohomepage granny

    this new page is dreadfull– WAYYYY to busy – lost alot of the features I liked — WAYYY to much advertising — I know it pays you BUT really all this crap is bad. I have taken to noting the sponors and NOT using them. want the good olde days back – I may joing the band wagon and go somewhere else – more user friendly

  • meep


  • Bernie

    I hate the new MyYahoo homepage! I have been a Yahoo user for over 15 years and have been through changes but this is ridiculous. They have completely changed the calendar to some unusable ugly garbage. The calendar-and weather and homepage- do not update now so I constantly have to reload my page. The calendar randomly changes appointments and times. I used to be able to view my whole week at a glance but now I get an ugly monthly view with dots on the days I have appointments (or they could be holidays). You can't hover over your mail tab and see your first 10 or so emails (and delete them if you want). I could go on and on but those are my chief complaints. It's not about looks at all, but the functionality that they took.

  • Ray

    Can't believe what a step backwards this is. Loss of functionality and poorly functioning links have me searching for alternatives. To still use some remnant of the old my yahoo page I'm using http://ca.my.yahoo.com instead. I know that will disappear too so I'm leaving as soon as I can.

  • Whole One

    I absolutely hate the look and lack of functionality of the "new" yahoo homepage. What garbage.

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