The Official Oscars App Expands To Android, Kindle

    January 10, 2013
    Chris Crum
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ABC announced today that the official Oscars app is now live, and for the first time, it’s available for Android. Specifically, it’s available on Android 4.0+ devices, including the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1 and GSIII, as well as the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

As before, the app is available for iOS as well.

The app was developed by the Academy and Disney/ABC’s digital media team, and includes the following features, as listed by ABC:

  • Magazine-style format featuring photos, videos and the latest social media buzz.
  • Viewers can watch the live Backstage Pass experience in two different modes, Watch or Direct. In Watch mode, viewers will be guided through the live behind-the-scenes show. In the Direct mode, viewers can select the cameras they want to experience.
  • Live video grid allows viewers the ability to watch all available cameras simultaneously or zero in on one.
  • Once in a camera view, a ticker will display over the video updating viewers to what is happening on other cameras. Fans will be aware when their favorite actor enters another view, allowing them the opportunity to navigate between cameras.

“Our goal is to create a really full, immersive experience leading up to, during and after the Oscars,” said Karin Gilford, SVP of Digital Media for ABC Television Network. “Last year, we saw a huge increase in the number of people using the app. With its availability now on the Android platform we look forward to bringing even more people into the Oscar experience. We want this to be the next best thing to attending the show itself.”

“We’re always looking for ways to bring fans closer to the show and this app provides a unique and fun way to do that,” added Josh Spector, Managing Director of Digital Media and Marketing for the Academy. “More fans than ever will be able to enjoy the full Oscar experience now that our app is available to Droid users.”

The Oscars will air on Sunday, February 24 on ABC, with coverage beginning at 7PM Eastern. You can find the Android app on Google Play.

  • http://www.appezzy.com Mark Stagi

    Wanted to let you know of an update to our Oscars app, Awards Hero: Oscars Edition has just hit the App Store. The app has constantly received better feedback compared to the official app and has been featured in USA today, CNN Tech and NPR news. Check out what App Advice recently said about the app here:


    Along with some user interface updates for the new year, we have also added a fun new feature: People’s Choice. You can now get info on films released in 2012 and choose the 10 that you think should have been nominated for Best Picture. Every movie buff always has a list of favorites that get snubbed by the Academy, so let your voice be heard and vote for which film you think is Oscar-worthy this year. You can also see live stats to see which movies are getting the most votes.

    Also with the app you can create your own Oscars Pools to vote on each category with your friends and family. Unlike the official app you can create different pools for as many sets of friends as you would like and the interface has a beautiful look to it.

    I would love to have you check it out. It’s a free app and you can download it here: http://bit.ly/aso0LT

    If you have any questions just let me know.