The New Firefox Has Arrived

It's Being Downloaded Like Crazy

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Update: Mozilla is showing the real-time downloads of the new Firefox. It should approach a million downloads (worldwide) very soon:

Realtime downloads

Original Article: Mozilla has unleashed version 3.5 of Firefox, which is being described as a "major update." The new version is said to significantly boost performance while supporting a wide variety of web standards.

"So much is happening on the Web right now, it’s a great time for browsers. Firefox 3.5 brings together the most innovative Web technologies and delivers them in the most complete and powerful modern browser," says Mozilla CEO John Lilly.

Firefox Download tweet

What’s New


Firefox 3.5 includes the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which Mozilla says delivers "unprecedented" performance with today’s web apps. It’s over twice as fast as Firefox 3 and ten times faster than version 2.

Firefox Performance

Open Video and Audio

Video and audio content can be played from within the browser without the need for plug-ins. Firefox 3.5 comes with the first native integration directly into the browser. "Now everyone can easily watch open format Ogg Theora videos," says the company in the announcement.

You can even right-click on videos and save them to your desktop, just as if it were an image.

Save Video As

Location Aware Browsing

Location Aware Browsing allows websites to ask you where you’re located, and if you choose to share your location, it can use that information to find nearby points of interest and return additional, useful data like maps of your area.

Location Aware Browsing

Before you freak out, it’s all optional - Firefox doesn’t share your location without your permission. In fact, this version of Firefox is more focused on privacy than ever.

Privacy Controls

With this version, you can use the new "private browsing" mode (available in the tools menu), and nothing will be stored during your browsing session. There is also a "forget this site" feature, that lets you remove "every trace" of a site from your browser.

Firefox Privacy Browsing

If users want to remove all private data or activity from the past several hours, they can "clear recent history."

To see these new features (and more) in action, watch the following clip:

Firefox 3.5 is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It’s also available in over 70 languages. It can be downloaded from here.

The New Firefox Has Arrived
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  • http://superdealshop.com Bryan Quinn

    Firefox 3.5, a hot product hoping to add to the Internet Explorer burnout.

  • cormac

    I like it so far, it seems quicker and colours seem richer. They’re the two most noticeable differences for me but I’ve only been using it an hour.

  • http://www.aksindiblog.com Aswani

    I will download it for sure. Firefox is the best browser in my opinion. Fast and secure.

  • http://www.iblbuilder.com Get More Backlinks

    WOW! Just tested it to make sure its rendering our company website ok. This browser is noticeably faster than anything else I have ever used.

    Bye bye Internet Explorer – and good riddance.

  • Mike McDonald

    I’ll get it as soon as mouse gestures get updated to support it. Lots to like in this new FF. Location awareness is exceptionally cool.

    Michael McDonald
    Follow me on twitter.com/mmcdonald”>Twitter!
    Managing Editor
    iEntry, Inc.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    I have never used it before, but with all these good reviews I am going to download it now and try it. Thanks for the information

  • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

    I downloaded Firefox 3.5 and I am using it now. Its really good. Its faster and doesn’t crash like Firefox 3.0.

  • http://www.mybangkokhomes.com/ bangkok condos

    The new version is really nice. Lots of cool features.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    I’m in the middle of installation, thanks for the update, well test this out right now. Seems like there are a lot of positive reviews which is good.

  • Bo

    How does Firefox 3.5 compare to Chrome?

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    Download the latest version of Firefox 3.5 and installed it. But it cannot connect to Internet.

    Tried with IE8 and no problem with connection on the internet. Don’t really know what happen as it just refuse to connect to any site even though I can do it with IE8.

    This is making me crazy!

  • http://nipple-huggers.com Guest

    I too downloaded firefox, and now cannot connect! IE can, and so can Opera… Now what?

  • http://busstoped.blogspot.com chris

    I use Ubuntu and am not sure about downloading it.It took me ages to get Firefox 3 working right and it still has problems with java some pages are just loading and loading.If i was using windows i would be still using K-Melon

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    I did not know about the firefox update until I read about it here.
    just completed the update & after 5-10 min use seems to be very good.
    I am using win xp pro sp3 I noted that some of the readers had problems, the first thing to check in these cases is your firewall settings.Too early to know for sure but I give it the thumbs up for speed & functionality.

  • supersnail

    I was just wondering when the 3.5 Mac update may arrive?

  • http://threads.ecrater.com Threads Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

    I rarely use Firefox these days as I just don’t have time to run around and locate all of the add-ons, so thank you for this great article!

    I’ll be taking another look at the browser… have fun! :D

  • Guest

    I’ve always been a Firefox fan. Still the best browser out there – hands down.

  • Guest

    I see I am not the only one who cannot get an internet connection with 3.5. I upgraded and it just will not connect. I re-installed 3.0.11 and I cannot connect with that either now. I.E., Chrome etc are OK.

    Very frustrating

    I run XP pro, SP3 on a company computer and this is a real pain.

    I can’t use Firefox untill this is sorted

    Any suggestions anyone?


  • http://www.google.com/profiles/jimisan.ppr Jimi

    My favourite browser at the moment is Opera. I like its downloads resume feature which I guess is better than others. Firefox is my second choice. Will try out to see if Firefox 3.5 is as good as claimed. Lastly I don’t like IE…..it’s very slow…

  • Jonathan

    The Textaloud screen reader which verbalizes either text documents or text in a web page only reads the one word on the screen that the cursor is on. When I use TextAloud with IE it reads the entire web page text from the point of the cursor. I have been forced to go back to IE because of this limitation. Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem in Firefox 3.5?

  • http://jaynecambra.com Jayne Cambra

    I have FireFox 3.5 but it’s seems to be very slow at connecting to the internet. Also, if you copy/paste many times, Firefox will not let you do any typing. The words come out jumbled and I have to restart it.

  • Guest

    I too downloaded 3.5 and FF 3.5 stopped working. No internet connection. I’ve checked the fire wall without any luck, I’ve checked the proxy setting no good. I am stuck using IE8. If anyone has an awnser please let us know how to fix this issue!

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