The Neelys Divorce And Everyone Is STUNNED


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Beloved former Food Network stars Pat and Gina Neely have officially split up.

According to recent reports, the Neelys have filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Fans were hit with a double whammy when the news became official in recent days.

First there is the divorce itself. The Neelys have been married for nearly two decades. It’s hard to fathom any couple calling it quits after being together for so long.

The second blow came from the news that Pat and Gina have been quietly separated for about two years.

The two continued to work together on their popular Food Network show Down Home With The Neelys, and their rapport had many audience members completely fooled.

Though it must be said that Pat and Gina Neely are absolute professionals. If you appear to get along so well on camera that viewers have no idea you are maritally estranged, that’s a pretty convincing performance.

Bravo in that regard at least.

Now we're left to wonder what happens to the Down Home With The Neelys brand?

The closest thing to an answer received is that the couple, despite parting on relatively good terms, will be focusing on their "individual brands".

This may mean that Food Network will nix this show in favor of a couple of new shows.

Television fame aside, the Neelys revealed that despite the divorce, the two intend to continue to share ownership of the restaurant that launched their successful careers.

The couple have two adult daughters together, which means that there will be no child support issues.

It’s disappointing to see this awesome pair head their separate ways, though it’s admittedly not too surprising when a celebrity couple calls it quits.