The Macworld Keynote Is Leaking

    January 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Fake Steve Jobs says that something in the air is the Woz’s SBDs. Ha, ha. Everybody loves a good fart joke. But depending on whether the supposed Macworld keynote leak on Wikipedia was the real deal, a promotional buzzworthy plant, or a fake, the Real Steve Jobs might not find it all that amusing.

The list of announcements is plausible enough: a new Macbook less than an inch thick; YouTube on iTunes; SDK for iPhone; Twitter for iPhone. Could happen, and Pocket-Lint reported that Jobs’ always-hotly-anticipated Macworld keynote address, scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, was leaked on Wikipedia.

On a talk page, which is weird, and which isn’t really there anymore except for moderators critical of somebody posting speculation and not fact\.

As if nothing ever breached the crystalline border of truth there before. As if.

Regardless, the blogosphere’s getting pretty excited about what the so-called leaked keynote revealed, meaning if Jobs’ actual keynote doesn’t measure up, we could see the first-history geek riots.

Maybe it’s par for the course. It seems there’s a leak every year. Maybe it’s an Apple PR plant. What better way to build some buzz? Then again, Apple sometimes sues people for leaks, and it’s reported that project managers of forthcoming Apple releases don’t even know what Jobs will present at the Stevenote.

Some are convinced it’s a fake. Other’s are pretty sure it’s real, especially noting some Twitter folks’ recent tweets. That includes a pre-Christmas tweet from Evan Williams (the blogger, Twitter developer, and co-founder of Obvious, which owns Twitter, not the bourbon) which reads:

"Meeting with stevej"

Ooh, you might be busted Mr. Twitterman. Or you could have meant Steve Johansson, or Jackson, or Jones or somebody. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.