The Lucrative Identity Theft Scam

    May 14, 2003

Identity theft is a serious problem – make sure to keep all sensitive information from being acquired by any other people. That means – do not give out your name, social security number, bank information, credit card information, etc. Shred store receipts. Use heavy discretion when ordering from the Internet – order from secure sites and know whom you are dealing with.

One way scammers use your identity to make some quick cash is to only know your name. They don’t even need an address or credit card. They will go to a cell phone company and order a cell phone (that is a “no credit check required” type). Once they get the phone, which they normally have delivered to a false address (not needing to be your address), they sell the phone as a disposable type – good for a certain time or certain number of minutes.

You won’t know about the charges on this until well after the sale – either when you are billed (and billing may be delayed because of a false address and forwarding), or when a collection agent visits with you. There is nothing you can do to prove or not prove the transaction – but you will have to spend time fighting this. Unreal.

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