The Lord of the Rings Gets the Honest Trailer It Deserves

By: Josh Wolford - December 14, 2012

Alright Lord of the Rings fans, it’s time to talk turkey about your beloved film series: It’s a beautifully produced, epic tale that features pretty much everything necessary to make films great, helmed by a fantasy visionary with unquestionable understanding and complete control of the source material.

Yeah, but it’s also all of this. Really, guys, your nerdgasm has a price and that price is that people get to make fun of your nerdgasm. Enjoy the trailer for the entire Lord of the Rings saga (the honest version):

It’s 100% accurate on all accounts, but somehow that doesn’t prevent me from loving these movies. Excited for The Hobbit, anyone?


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  • IWillBeFree

    Lost me the moment he complained about all the characters being white. More PC white-hating brainwashing I guess. Trouble is, LoTR is white mythology, written by a white man, in an age when being white wasn’t a crime, for white people. This endless drive to subsume white culture – and ONLY white culture – in the mantle of multiculturalism smacks of genocide. And the harder the PC white-haters and their collaborators push, the harder we are going to push back. It’s either that or be wiped out.

    • jiveturkey00000000002

      Amen to that, brother! Stop the persecution of white people, Christians and the wealthy!

      • whitepower

        I know right, I can’t wait for the day when being a wealthy white christian won’t hold you back in life. Right now, being white is almost guaranteed to get you arrested without cause, or at the very least living in some gentrified ghetto. And being a christian? God damn how alienating it is to be a member of a group that comprises a majority of the country… and the wealthy? Being fortunate is it’s own torment