"The Lonely Doll": Creepy Book left by Famke Janssen's Bed


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Actress Famke Janssen says that an intruder broke into her home in New York City and left a creepy children's book called, "The Lonely Doll" next to her bed.

Despite the fact that Janssen says she has never seen the book in her life, detectives believe that it is actually Janssen's book and that there was no intrusion involved. A source said, “They [detectives] believe that the book belongs to Janssen. The book has some connection to her home.”

Janssen originally told the police that she discovered the book after coming home from running errands on August 1. She filed a report at the First Precinct station house two days later. “She walked into her bedroom and noticed a children’s book standing on the shelf beside her bed,” a source said.

However, after investigating the situation and watching surveillance videos thoroughly , police have found no evidence that anyone broke into her home.

“There is nobody suspicious” and “all the people on the video are accounted for,” said the law enforcement.

Also, police said they found a "to-do" list hidden between the pages of the book with Janssen's name on it.

"The Lonely Doll" was first published in 1957 and is about a doll named Edith that befriends two teddy bears, Mr. Bear and Little Bear. Sounds innocent enough right? Not really. The father bear spanks Edith in one scene and then Edith tells him: "don't leave me I'll do whatever you want". Many have called the book "disturbing" and "abusive".

Janssen is not expected to be charged for filing a false report because she actually believes that someone broke into her home and left the book.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Video via NDN