The Local Online Threat (Google + Wi-Fi…)

    October 8, 2005

The presence of localized free hotspots threatens, among other companies, newspapers, who would have to contend with online rivals who would have the ability to serve localized ads targeted even by neighbourhood.

Does this explain the ridiculous coverage and sly digs in newspaper articles about, say, initiatives like Google + Wifi?

One major newspaper last week (in the business pages – the business pages!) began such a story by describing the Internet – the Internet! – as a system that has been used to “peddle” everything from “Pez dispensers to porn.”

What about “small pieces loosely joined”? A reduction in economic friction? Rising productivity? “Always On?”

Online companies’ old media rivals find it terribly easy to contain their enthusiasm about this particular revolution in global (and local) communications.

Don’t believe everything you read.

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients’ paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded, an acclaimed “guide to portals” which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.