"The Little Mermaid" Goes Interactive In Theaters

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With the theater re-release of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" on September 16 comes a new app for Apple that will allow kids to interact with the film via games, a sing-along with the movie, and behind-the-scenes video.

Disney Second Screen Live will only be available in select theaters during the film's run, but is expected to be a hit after a trial run during last fall's re-release of Tim Burton's "A Nightmare Before Christmas".

While many are on board with the concept--with some comparing it to the fun of a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" experience--others aren't convinced.

"Imagine a theater full of children, with everyone looking down at a bright screen instead of watching the movie," writes Penny Arcade Report editor Ben Kuchera. "Let's hope that the app is silent or you'll be dealing with hundreds of speakers all playing music with different timing, or at different volumes. Hellish."

The app may be perfect for a Disney film, however--particularly a re-release--rather than a movie where the theater is full of adults trying to pay attention to the plot.

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