‘The Killing’ Season 4 (The Final Season) Gets Netflix Release Date

    April 24, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Netflix just released a teaser for the final season of The Killing, and it includes a release date at the end: August 1st. That’s when all episodes will become available.

The teaser is just that. It doesn’t show any footage, but why bother taking the chance of giving away clues already?

While The Killing didn’t begin as a Netflix original, it will end as one. As you may know, Netflix saved the show from being prematurely canceled, by acquiring the final season, which will only be six episodes, but better than nothing. It will at least get a conclusion. As Netflix provides the first three seasons, the show as a whole is more valuable to Netflix if it has a real conclusion, because that means people are more likely to watch all the seasons. Who wants to watch a show with no ending?

In January, we learned that the final season would add Oscar-nominated actress Joan Allen to he cast.

The rest of the show is currently available on Netflix if you want or need to get caught up before the new one starts. You should have plenty of time.

Image via YouTube

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