The Katt Williams Downward Spiral Continues: Comedian Claims He Was Set Up


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Katt Williams and friend Suge Knight were arrested last week for allegedly stealing a photographer's camera. Each man was charged with robbery.

The incident occurred outside of a studio in Beverly Hills, California on September 5th. As of now, there seem to be conflicting stories as to exactly what happened.

Williams himself is working to clear the air, and the troubled 43-year-old has a rather interesting story to tell.

According to the comedian, Knight and himself were virtually set up after gallantly standing up for a small child.

Williams said that the female victim was filming a small child (allegedly Knight's offspring) without permission and that they confronted her about her behaviors.

Female paparazzo had, according to Williams, said that she would erase the content from her camera.

However, he said that she was chased down when she fled, rather than delete the footage.

"Don’t say you’re going to erase something, then take off running and think somebody is not going to chase you,” said Williams.

Despite this statement, Katt Williams said that he was not involved in the actual conflict, which would have been between Suge Knight and the photographer in question.

But it's clear that Williams was at least privy to the situation.

In addition to the comedian's claims that he experienced a "false arrest", Katt Williams said that he was taken into custody with the expectation that he would turn on Suge Knight.

“So when they took me into the precinct, step one: get me to blame it on Suge,” said Williams. “That’s not gonna happen, I’d rather take it than that. Don’t be silly.”

Katt Williams could find himself coping with serious jail time if the version of events put forth the two men fails to convince the court.

TMZ reported that Katt Williams and Suge Knight, both of whom are also facing charges in unrelated criminal cases, could wind up doing serious jail time.

Comedian Katt Williams may end up in jail for seven years for his part in this conflict.

Meanwhile, Suge Knight's legal drama could land him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Even if Williams is unwilling to turn on Knight, he may have to do what he can to separate himself from a man with a terrible criminal reputation.

Do you think Katt Williams and Suge Knight are telling the truth or are they trying to lie their way out of jail time?