The Internet: Then and Now

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Today, let's take a trip down Internet memory lane - to a time when "Google" most likely brought thoughts of something dirty, and Chrome was simply one of the color choices for your Windows 98 windows. brings us this infographic that charts the changes that the Internet has made in the last 15 years - from the top visited sites in 1996 vs. the top visited sites in 2011, as well as the differences in how things looked just a decade and a half ago.

And let me tell you, things look a whole lot better nowadays.

Fun little facts from the infographic: Would you have guessed that internet usage per American has increased 54-fold since 1996? Back then, can you believe that was visited by 18% of all internet users? Did you even know that Travelocity is that old?

Check out the full thing below. It's probably the first time you've seen Netscape Navigator in quite awhile.

Created by: Online University

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