The Internet is Cool?

    June 28, 2007

That’s right everybody, the word is just in: the Internet is cool! Aren’t you excited?

Edison Media Research finally revisited a 2002 study that left the Internet as the “least essential” medium after newspapers, television and radio, and the second coolest after television. In the “Internet and Multimedia 2007” study, the Internet gets a definite boost.

Medium Coolness 2002 Coolness 2007 Most essential 2002 Most essential 2007
Television 48% 35% 39% 36%
Internet 25% 39% 20% 33%
Radio 16% 13% 26% 17%
Newspaper 3% %4 11% 10%

The Internet is now the coolest medium (it must be true, popular opinion says so!) and the second most essential, thoroughly trouncing radio to move up in the rankings.

The study also shows that among 12-44 year olds, the Internet is actually the most essential medium (darn those pesky 45+ers for dragging the average down!). Also, people 55 and older tend to think that television is more “cool and exciting” than the Internet.

Finally, the study shows that 34% of people surveyed had increased their Internet recently (up from 19% in 2002), versus 37% using television more lately (down from 41% in 2002). Radio took a steep drop in this category, falling from 32% in 2002 to 18% in 2007. Newspaper held steady at 6%.

Well, I guess this Internet thingamajig is here to stay.