The Internet is All Over Climategate While the MSM Sleeps

Mainstream media ignores massive Internet coverage of Climategate...

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The mainstream media has its head in the sand again while one of the largest conspiracies the world has ever seen is exposed via Internet media. As most readers have heard by now, years of emails and programming code have been uncovered from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, which is run by the scientists whose research is the basis for the world’s belief in man-caused global warming. Their science is also the backbone for a massive global tax proposal on industry which the Obama administration is pushing in Congress right now.

The emails and programming code notes clearly show that the science of anthropological global warming has been a fraud from the beginning. The CRU has routinely adjusted their own algorithm in order to provide the desired temperature result during certain time periods. View and search the raw emails here.

Within the global warming algorithm various programmers have written notes (which is pretty normal in programming code) that detail the deception. Here are some examples:


; plot past 1960 because these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to
; the real temperatures.

; Specify period over which to compute the regressions (stop in 1960 to avoid
; the decline

— Here, the expected 1990-2003 period is MISSING – so the correlations aren’t so hot! Yet the WMO codes and station names /locations are identical (or close). What the hell is supposed to happen here? Oh yeah – there is no ‘supposed’, I can make it up. So I have :-)

Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!


>>> Note that all of the above text including the bold text is all actual notes from CRU programmers.

The emails also show a pattern of deception at the highest levels of CRU scientists and illustrate their methods of discrediting other scientists who disagree with their warming orthodoxy. To top it all off the CRU scientists have only now admitted deleting all of their original data leaving just their massaged results which makes peer review impossible. 

Amazingly, the U.S. mainstream media including CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times and the Washington Post have hardly mentioned any of this! This lack of coverage by the MSM lets the Obama administration ignore the issue entirely and continue to push cap and trade legislation that is based on the accuracy of this very data. A week after the data fudging evidence was uncovered President Obama’s climate czar, Carol M. Browner stated the Administrations position. "[The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has] been studying this issue for a very long time and agree this problem is real." 

Fortunately, the Internet media from Twitter to independent  news sites like Politico and RealClearPolitics are covering the issue with the vigor it deserves. The mainstream media has been displaced by the Internet as the discoverer of truth. Of course, the Internet includes mainstream media but it is not controlled by it, and thus no coverups will stay covered for long. 

(Update) The head of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) Phil Jones is stepping down pending an investigation by the University of East Anglia.

– Read Statement –

(Update) Man caused global warming may be nothing more than a hoax. The actual temperature readings have been deleted by the CRU making review impossible. A leading academic has now condemned the climate change lobby as “climate comrades” keeping the “gravy train” going. Here’s more on that story

Still no mention of this controversy on the evening news of the major broadcast networks. It’s ironic that these same news organizations are in Washington right now discussing the Internet’s impact on their business model while they continue not to cover news that the Internet media is covering. For years the major networks have covered global warming as fact — but now no coverage when there is significant evidence that global warming caused by humans is fiction. Interesting….

(Update) A complete PDF has been produced that succinctly explains Climategate: PDF Doc.

Apparently, the BBC was first to receive the climate files from a whistleblower in the CRU. They actually held the files for a month and did nothing. The whistleblower then uploaded the files to a small Internet board based in the United States which exposed the "fudging" of the data to obtain their desired political result. Amazingly, the Internet Media is still the main source for coverage of this world warming scandal.

The Internet is All Over Climategate While the MSM Sleeps
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  • John

    be careful where you click.. i was baited inti a site that claimed this whole thing will blow over and its all nothing. i was foolish enough to click on the comment field.. bam.. thank god for restore and my admin being seperate.. Locked me up big time..

  • Jacknhoo

    The Democratic Party politicians and the atheistic secularists have been building up this lie for decades, to enable them to redistribute wealth from the United States to other nations.

    What many poor Democratic Party constituents/voters believe was a redistribution of wealth “within” the U.S. from the rich to the less rich…the world is full of gullible people who are more than willing to take others hard earned money, but it is almost poetic justice to see these Democratic Party voters/constituents money go out of their paychecks/banking accounts and tax refunds to be “redistributed” outside of the United States.

    What a bunch of uneducated non-critical thinking U.S. citizens we have been grooming in our socialist public schools for three generations now. Way to go, NEA.

    • Ianpb

      I’m an atheistic secularist, but I don’t swallow this ‘made made climate change’ crap.

      It’s nothing to do with religion, secularism or socialism, it’s about a load of powerful bastards making a lot of money from new ‘eco-industries’ and a path to the new fascist world state. Climate is international, and that requires international laws which need to be enforced by international police. Notice how the ‘axis of evil’ are only those countries not in debt to the World Bank, itself yet another means of international control. Also notice that Russia is again becoming portrayed as a pariah – because they paid the debt and now owe nothing – they are beyond control of the World Bank. It’s about international capitalism, having the ability to move labour and production around the world at will, maximising profits while wages are depressed. The world of Robocop was more prophetic than fiction.

  • Guest

    Maybe it was hitler behind global warming all this time..


  • Guest

    Once again, the science-hating right wing gets it wrong… Here is a good primer on your ginned-up “controversy”:

    Quote from the article: “But consider; it’s taken me several grafs, and you a few minutes of reading, just to get a glimmer of what that one email was all about. The same effort would be required to untangle other stolen, out of context emails now brandished by skeptics as evidence of some kind of shadowy conspiracy. That’s how easy it is to pluck something out of context and make it sounds ominous, if your goal is to misinform, prostitute yourself to the energy industry, and — pardon the pun — trick your readers. ”


  • Guest

    In short, you & the climate conspiracy theorists are out of your league when you are trying to decipher the scientists email- like watching little kids trying to interject in their parents conversation about income tax rates.
    Another acuurate description of the climate conspiracy theorists:

    Usual behavior – misreprentation
    All you have to do is to listen to the creationists to have a lot of experience with it. To a scientist, a theory means something very specific – the best available explanation for a range of data. To the layperson, a theory is “a guess,” an “opinion,” or what scientists call a hypothesis. Then throw in a debate about the mechanisms and rate of evolution among scientists (as happened with the punctuated equilibria debate) and you get “scientists doubt evolution”.

    • Rich Ord

      Guest– At this point the conspiracy is fact. You might actually try reading the emails and the programmers notes in the actual code. Click the links in this article and get started with your education.

    • Ianpb

      In reply to ‘guest’, claiming that us Global Warming ‘conspiracy theorists’ are out of our depth on this issue.

      You have clearly been caught up in this new religion. You dare to accuse us ‘sceptics’ of being in league with unscientific and irrational Creationists, turning this matter into some theocratic war, and now you want to desperately hang on to the tenements of your religion as it is under attack.

      You accuse us of being out of our league on this matter, as if it is only the official scientific elite that is worthy of an opinion, rather like radical Muslims who tell us that we are incapable of understanding Islam, that it is only the ‘scholars’ of the Koran that can actually truly interpret ‘the word of Allah”. You are caught up like an institutionalised Roman Catholic whose subconsciousness is programmed by the aggressive nuns and priests to never question the Almighty, suffering an instilled fear at the back of the mind of eternal damnation for their sins.

      It is you that is refusing to see the scandal here, the outright deceit, the misappropriation of billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Thanks to these liars, food crop space was reallocated for the production of biodiesel, thereby causing a food shortage, leading to a massive increase in world food prices, which in turn led to even more suffering by the less well off. These lying scientists deserve nothing less than massive fines, prison sentences, and a life ban from working in areas of scientific research.

      • Brian McDonald

        You accuse us of being out of our league on this matter, as if it is only the official scientific elite that is worthy of an opinion,

        if you want to know if a bridge is going to be strong enough you would talk an engineer not a guy who just thinks he knows something about bridges.

        this is pretty technical stuff and requires a considerable knowledge of a wide variety of fields to make a reasonable judgement. just for curiousity how many of the people so critical of the scientists involved in this would qualify as “expert” in even one of the relevant fields?

        everyone is entitled to an opinion but for that opinion should carry any weight it must be backed up by subject matter expertise otherwise it’s just random noise.

        • Ryan

          I am not a scientist, and will never claim to be. I am related to one though who is considered to be the top of his profession. He has devoted his life to Marine Biology and the study of our impact on ocean life. He may be the most progressive and liberal person I have ever known, and I live in Portland. While I refuse to talk Politics with him, I enjoy learning from his vast knowledge on this subject and the years of study he has put into it.

          Here is a summary from him on global warming. It is a Red Herring! There is vast evidence that CO2 has an impact on the environment and yet there is no true evidence supporting climate change as a human caused issue. There is only one known way to help our environment, and it is related to pollution and human impact on small ecosystems that are the problem. The heating of ocean water to cool nuclear reactors has been shown to cause the destruction of an entire population of fish, kill the algea, and radiate out to help destroy game fishing population thus causing a decrease in food. The decrease in algae then reduces the exchange of CO2. Add to that deforestation in South America and we could see a long range impact on the human population.

          He has also spent years arguing with the IPCC as they have altered or miss interpreted his research on several occasions in an attempt to prove the global warming issue. He told me they are a political entity and not a scientific one. The have a clear agenda and goal that he disagrees with. He also feels that they are sucking the funding out of the real scientific community and preventing true research from being done on the matter.

          For the fanatical zealots of Global Warming… yes, this is second hand information. It was recieved though from a personal discussion among family members from a man whom I know to have the utmost integrity and knowledge that a man like Al Gore could never approach.

          In the end everyone makes a choice on what to believe, and that comes at a price. We as humans must live with our choices. The money wasted in Global Warming could be better spent trying to solve problems we have a chance to help. The earth is too large and complex for humans to control.

    • Max

      “debate about the mechanisms and rate of evolution among scientists…”

      My comment is directed to the reader identified only as “Guest”. As a scientific layman I was not aware of the debate over rates at which scientists are evolving, and the mechanisms of this process. Perhaps if you were to increase your rate of evolution you might understand what the adults are talking about when it comes to totalitarian tendencies among the global elite.

      Upon critical examination your comment is not well thought out, as with most comments on the Internet. However, anyone with a sense of scientific integrity would proofread his or her comment for “acuurate” spelling and clarity before posting. At the very least install some spell check software. Surely a brilliant scientist would be able to figure out how to do that.

      While your lack of review of a single comment on an article does not disprove any of your hypotheses, it does make the critically thinking reader aware of possible character flaws which lead to questions of your intent and thoroughness, and whether you are really that much more intelligent than the average poster of comments on Internet blogs. And when it comes to policies that will adversely affect the lives of millions, thoroughness and intent are of paramount importance.

      Contrary to your elitist beliefs, we “laypersons” can, and often do, think for ourselves. On a very regular basis. And what I and millions like me are thinking is the major impediment to the agenda of your totalitarian puppet masters. If you could just somehow convince us all that we are incapable of critical thought, then you could tell us all how it really is. Or you could just put us all away someplace far away, like Siberia, so you can herd the remaining, unthinking population into their appropriate existences.

    • Guest Van

      Most people are like lemmings: First, one marches over the cliff; the others follow stupidly. This “climate change” thing is the second biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the gullible masses. The Number One biggest hoax is the theory of evolution. I will never understand why anyone would insist that his/her relatives were hairy, stinky, grunting, slobbering, knuckle-dragging, cootie-picking primates. But, if they have the “scientific” proof, who am I to disagree?

      • Brian McDonald

        The Number One biggest hoax is the theory of evolution. I will never understand why anyone would insist that his/her relatives were hairy, stinky, grunting, slobbering, knuckle-dragging, cootie-picking primates.

        ok granted i’d be horrified to discover glenn beck and i were in some way related. cheap humour aside the theory of evolution is every bit as debatable as gravity. you can watch in action in bacteria in real time and in insects/arthropods nearly so. virtually every animal a person is likely to come in contact with is a product of selective breeding aka directed evolution. of course i’ll eat those words if you can point me in the direction of a pack of wild dachunds or herd of holsteins.

  • Charles

    Two topics in the world you are not allowed to challenge are:
    1. Holocust
    2. Climate Change.

    Holocust happened, you may callenge how many Jews that were killed. 6million, 5million or 9million.Bbut its a travesty to suggest that it did not happen.
    Climate Change in the other hand is the biggest scam ever pertuatated by Scientist and our various goverment with assistant from the main stream media. To question the science behind this Scam is like signing your career death certificate or calling Hitler your Hero.
    In UK, not one single main stream media outlet carried this news or made it a headline. The few local ones that did, dedicated a tiny corner in their news paper for this diabolical event. These are media outlet that dedicated months, weeks and days on Paris Hiltons imprisonment and Micheal Jackson’s death. Yet they don’t see this as an important news event.
    Why i got cofused with the whole Climate Change business was when it was stopped being refered to as Global Warming. What was the reason? 4, 5 years ago, we the laymen were told the the Ice cap is melting and that desertification will become rampant due to the global warming. 4 yrs later, the Climate is changing but i don’t know if its cooling or warming.
    Why can’t people be allowed to openly debate or question the Climate Change thesis without fearing for their career or being labelled evil? If the scientist involved with this are so sure of what they do, why are they overly defensive anytime other scientists challenge their work?
    And if we leave in free society where we are made to believe that the media is not biased and trasperency is the word, how come none of them are asking questions or better still giving this SCANDAL the coverage it deserves.
    I have always had my doubts, but now, i have lost faith comletely.

  • ehswan

    As I understand it: Data was lost, data was destroyed, requests for data through the freedom of information were ignored and acw critics were ridiculed or worse. These are the factors that lead me to conclude that the climate science was corrupted, and the corruption is the issue. I feel betrayed and will no longer be an ardent acw supporter!

  • Stupidscript

    The story I heard when this originally broke, a couple of weeks ago, is that the folks who had distributed the emails had hacked them to make it appear that global warming was a hoax.

    Is it not possible? Whose evidence is being used? How was it vetted? How can you be certain that the original story is not, in fact, correct, and that you are being hoodwinked into thinking that the manipulated email contains factual records? In the absence of the original messages, how is it that you have ascertained the validity of the messages?

    From the linked site:

    “The authenticity of these emails has been confirmed by most of the relevant parties including the CRU at Univeristy of East Anglia and many of the authors.”

    I call bulls**t. Are we seriously being asked to believe that the perpetrators of the global warming “hoax” are now admitting that the emails are genuine? Just like that?

    A whole lot more forensics need to be done before I’ll accept these emails as anything other than the product of a bunch of GOP pranksters. Despite your confidence, even the providers of the suspect emails admit that “We provide this information as a curiosity…” and not as serious evidence of any conspiracy.

    Before you get all hot and bothered about it, why not take the time-tested path of fully verifying the data before you start an online war of words over what may prove to be a joke … on you.

    • Stupidscript

      From the linked statement (my emphasis, because I know how hard it is to read):

      “Statement from Professor Trevor Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research

      The publication of a selection of the emails and data stolen from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has led to some questioning of the climate science research published by CRU and others. There is nothing in the stolen material which indicates that peer-reviewed publications by CRU, and others, on the nature of global warming and related climate change are not of the highest-quality of scientific investigation and interpretation. CRU

      • Freeone

        How can the theory of global warming be real science if it is not open to disclosing its real data and open to dissenting viewpoints? Its not! A real scientific proposition is open for review and does not destroy data which does not fit its viewpoint.

    • Guest

      The peer reviews of the ‘settled science’ of global warming published in various Climate Change publications were done by anonymous peers – names of the reviewers were not provided.

      As a chemical engineer doing research I find this incredible. All other peer reviews in all other fields of science MUST have a named peer doing the review otherwise it will not be published and will be rejected by the science community involved.

      It seems the only field of science where nothing has to be proven or repeatable by independent researchers and people can make claims of new knowledge while remaining un-named is in the field of Climate Change science. This is scary.

    • Sam Castrillo

      You do have a point. There is money to be made from global warming. But hoax or not, I say don’t believe the hype, do the research for yourself.

      I have been scouring science journals, news columns, and worldwide internet blogs for the last 6 years, and what I have deduced is that global warming has happened…yes, past tense – now that the warming has ended, the climate is now cooling – resultant of the increase in worldwide percipitation.

      The data can be parsed in so many ways it will make you dizzy, so you have to go to the raw data. Without going into the numbers, what I have found is that our Terra Firma is cycling, in the same manner that our Sol is getting ready for Cycle 24. And to be quip, it’s teh cycle of Life.

      It’s cycles, baby. The heating/cooling cycle the sustains all life on earth is just, in a word, happening. I believe this is due to the Sun’s output. Did you know, our Sun went blanck for almost 18 months? Some scientists believed that the Sun was in a Maunder minimum (last time that happened the Little Dryas occurred).

      So, quickly, our planets heating/cooling is driven by the solar output (CMEs, M or X class solar flares, etc.) or lack thereof; not by man made carbon emissions. It’s probably not helping any that we pollute our biosphere: as what goes up must come down, so to speak. Just look at the global cancer rate increases over the last 20 years.

      One data bit states that bovine methane output surpasses the yearly carbon-burning output. Go figure, we are trying to figure out a way to save the earth (electric cars, windmlls, etc.): and its all due to cows farting.

      To end on a serious note. The major history of our planet has been ice age. These short-lived temperate periods lead to the wax of the human species, who have the God-given gift of interspection – and the fault of too much self importance. The wane is coming upon us, and the human species will withdraw, until the new wax begins again. Curiously though, the time lapses betwixt temperate and ice age periods are short: decades in fact So you and I will see it coming.

      I think this is a great time to be alive. So let them hoax me. I know the truth. Go find it yourself. You’ll be better off for it.


      • http://chrischambless.me Chris Chambless

        Really? How long does it take for a glacier to form my friend? News flash. Glaciers and icecaps are not forming, the are receding faster than ever. Should we just accept that? Whether man made emissions or cow farts are to blame is not the important question. You can’t blame the cows in any case because the cattle industry IS man made! That is our fault too.
        The glacier that feeds the Ganges will be gone and millions of people without fresh water. Millions of thirsty people do not a peaceful world make. Are we to sit by and watch it happen? Enjoy the ride as you suggest? We are not dinosaurs. We have to use our brains to figure out how to stop these immanent catastrophes from happening. If eating less beef and reducing emissions will help, then we have to try!

        • Ianpb

          Ah, Chris Chambless, more unscientific emotional crap from you.

          Of course new glaciers and ice caps are not forming – that’s because it’s not getting colder, and thank God (speaking as an atheist) for that! But neither is it getting any warmer; the temperature has been level since 1997. So because the ice is not forming you don’t accept that it is acceptable? You remind me of King Canute, who thought he could turn the tides of the sea back. What you are suggesting is that we should tamper with nature in order cool things down, and that would display that your eco-religious zealotry is turning you insane.

          Climate change is natural, and EVEN IF man has contributed to the effect, then so what? We are natural organisms of the Earth too, just like the ants, wilderbeast and birds, etc. However, man is not making an effect. Man contributes a maximum of 3% of all the CO2 in the atmosphere, easily a safe quantity that can be absorbed by plant life, etc. The overwhelming source of extra CO2 comes from the seas. As the warming sun heats the oceas the CO2 contained therein heats up and so becomes progressively insoluble, and is liberated from the oceans as a gas.

          The source of all climatic temperature is the sun, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about that. Just learn to live with it; leave your religious zealotry behind and try to have a happy life.

    • Thesbit

      If the emails are there, and the authors admit they wrote them, what more could you want? Do you think the authors are lying? the programmer? who? If someone presents a letter you wrote, and you admit you wrote it, what more is there?

      • Stupidscript

        Not sure which planet you hail from, stranger. You have no trouble with this scenario?

        1) The claim is made that a bunch of emails from folks at the CRU have been unearthed that imply a DECADE of data manipulation by CRU researchers

        2) Those emails have been supposedly stolen from CRU in an attempt to discredit the science

        3) When asked, those who had been faking the science in order to promote their own agenda suddenly ‘fess up

        4) “Yeah, we were screwing with you for the past DECADE. You caught us. Oops.”

        Not very likely. Much more likely:

        3) When asked, those who had been faking the science in order to promote their own agenda emphatically deny that the emails are genuine

        4) “You have to be out of your stinkin’ gourd if you think I’m going to cop to this!”

        Off with the tin foil hat … on with the thinking cap.

  • RobinCanada

    Al Gore and his partners at Goldman Sachs are making millions of dollars from this global warming scam already, and will make much more after a world wide agreement to reduce CO2 is signed.

    When Al Gore made his movie he was just another bored rich boy with lots of time on his hands. He watched Michael Moore make millions and get a fan-club by making docu-dramas based on just a sliver of truth but comprised 99% of Hollywood style fiction. Al Gore thought he would give it a try, made his docu-drama, and it succeeded beyond his wildest hopes. That’s when Goldman Sachs joined up with him.

    There is no stopping the scam now as Global Warming has become a religion, and like any other religion the facts just don’t matter. You believe in it because you want to, facts are not require or wanted.

    • http://chrischambless.me Chris Chambless

      The only reason you sit there and condemn Gore is to justify your own inaction. People like you (selfish) who think everyone has to have an angle can not comprehend that anyone would do something unless there’s some monetary gain. Well I have news for you. You are holding up a mirror to yourself. Some people in this world actually get out there and try to make a difference. You don’t want to believe this because they make you look like a selfish jerk by contrast, so you bad mouth them.
      Agreed on Michael Moore BTW, but Gore is legit. Do not lump them together. It is not fair.

      • Ianpb

        Chris Chamberless, you are like all the others global warming fanatics – you have invested so much faith in this new religion that used to be called ‘Global Warming’ and is now called ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Man-Made Climate Change’, that now it is under attack by those more rational, you leap to defend the tenements of your new faith, and also to defend his Holiness, Pope Al Gore who, like many popes of the past, has made a fortune out of your gullibility. So now the well-paid priests, just like the pope, have been caught massaging the truth, so you and your ilk scream at us as if we were Satan’s children.

        If you can’t see the correlation then you deserve what you get, I’m sure Al Gore will be smiling down at you as he takes a sideways look at his bank account.

  • dlsweb

    The vast majority of people do not want to believe what was supposed to be real scientists actually skewed the data for a political end.

    We know all politicians will say anything to serve their own purpose, but science is not supposed to go there. What a shame. If the people do not take control back from them, we will only continue to worsen our problems.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency

    Its easy to claim its a hoax. If carbon levels are not the cause then show us the numbers. I would be interested in seeing when the earth actually had carbon levels 1000 times higher as they are now.

  • Guest

    Consensus really means con of the sensus. When are we going to get back to the real science of open discussion and testing of any theory put out for being current science? If this is not done then science will again hitch its wagon to the latest currupt money scam.

  • Jason

    What amazes me is that the brainwashed are suddenly leaping to the defence of the scientists who have been found out to have has poor practise discipline at BEST.

    To suggest that they are fake, when the head of the UEA CRU Phil Jones, has already acknowledged publically that they were inappropriate in places, and that people from external organisations who were CC’d in on some of the emails have also acknowledged they are real, is just plain breath taking lazy ignorance.

    Wake up, read, and learn the truth.

    Yes climate change is happening, it ALWAYS HAS. but is this climate now worse than ever before and man made? UNPROVEN.

    The bottom line is the organisation who supply core data to the UN IPCC has been found to be practising very poor statistical discipline. And in Copenhagen trillions of dollars could be taken from EVERY ONE OF US to rectify a problem that may or may not be our fault.

    I prefer to keep my facts simple, and form my opinons based on hundreds of thousands of years of data, rather than 1000 years of data we now have evidence to suggest is unreliable.

    Take a look yourself:


    • Brian McDonald

      jason we have pretty good climate records going back 200k years now. cores taken from an unusual lake in greenland run the climate record back 200k years. what those cores show is that what’s going on isn’t typical, unusual or even really rare. change this quick has never happened in the last 200k years.

  • http://chrischambless.me Chris Chambless

    I don’t need to look at anybody’s data to know that climate change is real. So what if some scientist has to fudge his data because he doesn’t get an accurate reading? The ice caps are melting! All over the world glaciers are receding! Not a little bit at a time, but at breakneck speed. I have seen it with my own eyes. Kilimanjaro will not have glaciers at all in 5 years. Wake up and stop looking for BS conspiracy theories to prop up you ignorant denial. Try to pry yourself out of your little internet caves and go see for yourself. Or just look at some satellite imagery at the very least.
    If my research showed that the earth is flat and I put a comment in my code which admits my data is wrong since we know it is in fact round, does that mean the world is flat just because you caught me fudging my data? No. Because the world is round. The evidence is overwhelming and the same goes for climate change.
    Who are you people by the way, some evil henchmen from the Captain Planet cartoon? If you don’t love our mother earth, then please leave my planet and go somewhere else. Earth is our home. We must do everything we can to protect our environment.

    • Ianpb

      Chris Chamberless, it’s you who is the dummy.

      No one is denying that the climate is changing, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The climate has always been changing. The difference is that people like you expect it to remain the same! There were once animals living on the Antartic until the Ice Age got underway – no industry or cars producing greenhouse gases then. Eventually the ice receded – still no industries or cars producing greenhouse gases then. And the ice is STILL receding. You and your fellow eco-religionists would also be screaming if the ice was advancing, telling us that the ice age is coming unless we do something to stop producing carbon dioxide!

      The claims of ‘man-made climate change’ is complete crap. CO2 is designated a heavy gas, ie. heavier than oxygen (much heavier) and it therefore sits at the lowest levels of the atmosphere over the surface, at too low an altitude to have any appreciable affect on warming.

      The fact is that climate change is the prime moving force that drives evolution. Conditions change, those species that can adapt will adjust and survive, those that don’t will die out. making way for other life-forms to rise up. If the dinosaurs had not been wiped out by climate cataclysm then man would never have risen and evolved to where we are now.

      Get a grip – think with an educated brain and not like a hysterical little girl who’s been told the bogy man is coming to get her.

  • Guest

    THis whole email hack is a total flop. You lot know it, which is why you are using such retarded superlatives like:

    “one of the largest conspiracies the world has ever seen”

    You, sir, are an idiot.

    No one with half a brain is falling for this bullshit.

  • Guest

    There is an old saying, “Follow the money.” In this case, find out who stands to make a fortune from this shame becoming binding upon the whole World?

    We can be thrifty in our lives, but we can’t change the behavior of the Sun.

    What someone can, and does plan to do, is to make a killing… literally and figuratively.

  • http://www.viralseller.com Noo Yawka

    There will be at least two, maybe three casualties from this story:

    1) the MSM, which is being exposed bigtime

    2) the venal politicians, who don’t gibbe a flip about reality and the truth

    and 3) science, which may not recover from this debacle in the 21st century.

    • Matt

      Science won’t recover? Seriously? You will not see ANY noticeable decline in scientific progress from this. I can guarantee it. What is the terrible catastrophe that you think science can’t recover from? What exactly do you think will happen from this?

  • BradMc

    From a writing perspective… is the best you unimaginative hacks can do is throw the word “gate” onto any and every controversial topic? Perhaps you could develop some other even-remotely original idea for headlines.

    And why is such a politically charged and slanted article on WebProNews? There are other outlets for political opinion that have credibility in that area. Another one or two of these and this otherwise great source for Web technology news will get removed from my RSS feed.

  • Matt

    I am open minded, but the vast majority of articles I read about “climategate” is full of hysterical zealots, this article and comments included!

    Everyone seems so ready to jump on this without a moments thought. Can someone direct me to some reasonable discussion about this topic, where I might get a clearer understanding of what has actually happened and what this means. I am disinclined to side with people acting like hyperbole-spouting crazies, who blatantly have an agenda of their own.

  • Get Real

    I hate to bring up some Facts that will mess with the Intellectual Dishonesty Kool Aid Drinkers on the left but….

    What about these 31,486 American scientists who have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs????


    I know some of you Lobotomized Pin Heads will not consider the facts so just take another big gulp drink of that fine Kool Aid your been drinking and go on your merry way LOL……..

  • bob

    For those who believe in the global warming hoax and whine “the glaciers are melting” how do you explain the Great Lakes of the US and Canada? Did we cause those glaciers to melt too?

  • http://www.spafrais.com Dean

    When you take to the airwaves and espouse opinions, you have a responsibility to be accurate. In this case, the writer is just plain wrong. Every one of the news organizations mentioned – ABC, CBS, NBC and more have reported on this story. In fact, the progressive news outlet MSNBC had stories about this, originally from the Associated Press, on their website (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34246461/) the day before this moron wrote his “opinion”. Further, Rachel Maddow reported on this story on Thursday as well.

    Obviously, this person is a Right-Wing Republican religious fanatic who believes anything coming off the right-wing media. This post stinks of Glen Beck’s style of muckraking. You really need to take the “news” out of the site name and replace is with “opinion” since you can’t seem to get the facts right. By the way, how about staying on topic with your organization? This editorial isn’t germane to your business. Your readers are here for real news about the SEO industry. If the ownership continues to use the site as a platform to forward their political and religious views, count me out.

    • Guest

      Stop attacking the person – “Right-Wing Republican religious fanatic who believes anything coming off the right-wing media” – and actually form an argument.

    • Mark

      Wow, you really don’t get out much do you?

      The news *websites* eventually had to cover the story and they did so with great reluctance. TV and News channels though in fact did very little to bring this story to light.

      I hope it won’t be long before this farce is completely done away with.

  • Guest

    All you people going on and on about how the unthinking masses just go along with the climate change conspiracy because they are told to, are doing exactly the same thing. The author of this article plainly has no idea what he is talking about, yet just because he spouts some hyperbole about the biggest conspiracy the world has ever known, you guys take him at face value and go into a frenzy. Frankly 90% of the ‘proof’ these emails give us about a conspiracy are nothing more than people taking things out of context. The author has no clue about how one actually interprets the data, so they assume the ‘evidence’ above shows fraud, when really it’s just normal adjusting of data to help interpret it. Do some research on the matter by reading what some actual scientists have to say about the matter (but you guys won’t believe them anyways because they are part of the ‘conspiracy’, so on second thought don’t bother, because you already have made your decision – despite the fact that all you have to go on is second hand info from people who probably aren’t any more qualified than you to interpret things).

    • Guest

      by the way, just to help people who actually do want to check this out for themselves, check out http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2009/11/the-cru-hack/

    • http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/aprilbaby64/reviews/ Michele

      Smart people ask questions, want data, want debate. Smart people do their own research and, as I have, hear a variety of ideas on the issue. And good scientists agree this climate scandal is a huge corruption of science –


      Sadly, there are many who listen to meat-fisted Al Gore “The debate is closed!” and stop asking questions. Many are getting side-tracked easily by “out of context emails” etc.

      NASA is not providing data, either. Is that just another little “out of context” problem?

      Why do you so desperately want to believe the alarmists?

      Sorry to insult you, but to think we’re silly for asking questions makes you sound desperate to believe in propaganda, as if you’re brainwashed.

      While I am merely asking questions.

  • http://www.newsweather.info David Norden News Weather

    I don’t know who is the idiot who wrote this article (that by the way is absolutly not related to what I am used to read on webpronews) but the guy must be paid to close his eyes around him with his feet in the water.

    Temperatures are getting warmer on earth, and everything is proving it, thousands of scientifics have published articles about it, and if you look around you, you will also see so many proofs while using your own judgment. When you go out on the street is it usually warmer than when you where a kid or not ?

    A few facts to mention that can’t be faked and that you can Google about:

    – Good wine is now produced in England for the first time
    – Brown and white bears are having kids together in Canada where they couldn’t meet before.
    – North pool is melting, and you can cross it for the first time with a boat in the summer and thousands of animals are trying to migrate.
    – Thousands of companies want to use the natural resources on the North pool in areas that couldn’t be mined before because the permafrost was to thick and has now dissapeared nearly completly.
    – Hurricanes and Typhoons are much more frequent the last 20 years due to raised temperatures.
    – Measured Water levels around the globe hae never been such high.
    – CO2 measured levels have never been so high.
    – Ban-Ki moon announced most dirigents on the planet will agree at the ONU to new measures to be taken to stop the catastrophy.

    OK let’s hope the author of this article will get his brains back before it’s to late.

    David Norden

    • Karras B

      Thank you for a rational and intelligent response to this article. No matter what some programmers or some website says, global warming is quite real, as is the potential destruction of our planet as we know it and even a simpleton can see that, since the industrial revolution, mans activity on this planet can and has affected the climate and the planet. Thanks again, Mr. Norden, for saying it all so well.

      Karras Bommer
      New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

  • http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/aprilbaby64/reviews/ Michele

    It’s about the integrity of the scientific data –


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