The Hilary Shuffle, AKA Yahoo’s Reorg

    June 27, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

A brilliantly cynical email emerged from Yahoo about their latest reorganization, with highly placed executive Hilary Schneider, a close confidant of president Sue Decker, mentioned regularly.

To borrow a phrase from Drew Carey, whose reorg is it anyway?

The emailed bit of genius that showed up in Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky’s inbox exposed a view of Yahoo where politics and egos seem to be driving the spate of organizational shufflings undertaken at the portal company over the past several months.

We’ve watched with interest as Schneider followed Decker along, while other Yahoo executives that apparently got in the way departed. Companies are a cult of personality anyway, no matter what the annual report says.

The anonymous emailer, who we hope was smart enough not to drop that note on Lashinsky from a address, talked about the back and forth movement that shifted Schneider from running multiple Yahoo properties, to running sales, to running a bunch of properties again.

“Perish the thought that it had anything to do with personal power plays or internal politics,” the emailer said of the latest corporate shuffle.

Comments about the search team were of particular interest. We’ve wondered how Yahoo’s team, who spent a lot of time developing Yahoo’s new search marketing system as well as refining the current search engine, would take the news of Yahoo’s deal with Google for search ads.

Nothing indicates a job well done better than outsourcing your own job to the competition. Am I right, or am I right? After all, it is not as if we had sold the entire search team to another company for a premium price – that would have been a slap in the face! By contrast, outsourcing as much of the search business to Google as legally allowed in exchange for near term cash, that is much more re-assuring. It tells us all that we are truly valued.

Anonymous emailer, we applaud your style.