The Heisenberg Mask Bryan Cranston Wore at Comic-Con Is Now on eBay

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I'm sure you recall this year's Comic-Con, where Bryan Cranston did that awesome thing where he put on a lifelike, rubber Heisenberg (Walter White) mask and walked around the floor for a couple of hours. Everybody thought it was just some dude in a really awesome Heisenberg mask, but it was actually Bryan Cranston. How freaking cool was that?

He finally peeled off the mask and showed the entirely of Comic-Con that nobody can really be Heisenberg other than Bryan Cranston, and you were all fools to think that it would be anyone other than Bryan Cranston under that mask.

Well, now you can be the one who knocks - you can be the danger. All you have to do is sell your house, car, and a few other personal items before checking out eBay.

The mask's creator, Landon Meier, has put it up for sale. Current bid? $31,000 (with over 100 bids!).

"The Walter White mask is made of ultra-durable, long lasting Dragon Skin© platinum silicone. Landon's unique pigmenting methods, combined with the translucency of the silicone, makes for a very convincing flesh. All hair is hand punched. This particular mask has been signed by Landon Meier and Bryan Cranston!" he says.

Is this a really, really cool piece? You're goddamn right. But most of us don't have over $30,000 lying around to spend on a mask. Halloween is coming up, however, and you would have the coolest costume at the party by like a factor of a million.

Image via Landon Meier, eBay

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