The GTD Word of Blog Success Story

    May 12, 2005

Lately I have been feeling out of sync with everything I want to get done – oh, you know, in life.

So I decided to get reconnected with David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system. Allen wrote Getting Things Done (or GTD for short) back in 2001. Since then it has built and sustained . It’s an amazing blog marketing success story that has really yet to be written. If you don’t believe me, just go spend 15 minutes perusing Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders blog. He’s got 7,000(!) RSS subscribers and his blog is a mere nine months old.

Earlier this week I stumbled on Nathan Bowers’ awesome GTDTiddlyWiki tool via According to this page, I was the 12th person to discover it. As of this writing, just two days later, more than 600 people have bookmarked it in and dozens more have blogged it! Clearly there are lots of GTD evangelists out there – and they hang out in the backchannel.

Whether you’re a GTD head or not, I urge you to play around with Bowers’ empty version of TiddlyWiki. Just follow the instructions, save a copy of the page to any hard drive and you’ll have your very own personal wiki. Put it on a file server and anyone in your group can edit it. You can even store a copy on a USB drive and access from any computer no matter where you are. Even better, load up that same USB drive with portable Firefox.

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