The Greatest Blog In The World

    November 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Scoot over, Scoble; bump in a bit, Batelle; there’s a blogger out there who’s worthier than anyone, and with no apologies to Mark Cuban, her blog is on Blog*Spot.

It’s probably a given that the creator of the Greatest Blog in the World didn’t get an invite to Web 2.0. She probably wasn’t rubbing elbows with anyone at Google’s Zeitgeist, or any other Silicon Valley “client summit” either.

In a truly fair world, AOL would give the Greatest Blog in the World a bit of all that cash it spent on Jason Calacanis’ Weblogs Inc. If content is royalty, she might be Cinderella. Or she would be, if all that venture capital cash rolling in to the West Coast these days shifted 3,000 miles east, and VCs really believed content is king.

There’s some reluctance here to reveal the Greatest Blog in the World. It might disappear tomorrow. It might never get a new post from this day forward. A lot of attention might make the blogger famous, or worse, rich, and she could end up running a company of bloggers and giving speeches about her time as a

Wait. Not yet.

Why is it the Greatest Blog in the World? It’s original, it’s compelling, and the vast majority of people can identify with the blogging protagonist. And she has an actual command of spelling and grammar. A story I wrote earlier, discussing one blogger’s emphasis on blog marketing, talked about the importance of good spelling.

The source story had a typo, one that spellcheck should have caught. I haven’t found one yet on the Greatest Blog in the World. There might be one in there someplace, but I’m not going to dig around for it.

Instead, we’ll let the readers do that. Click here and visit the Greatest Blog in the World. Then come back to WebProWorld and tell us what you think.

UPDATE! 1/24/06 Look here, AP finally discovered the Greatest Blog in the World – Click here to learn more about Melissa Plaut, former ad agency copy editor turned cabbie.

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