The Great Google Adsense Side Effect

The Internet is now built for Adsense

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If the Internet consisted of real brick and mortar buildings there would be a construction boom going on right now like the world has never seen. The Internet is not in a recession or on the road to a depression, rather it is experiencing an economic and social explosion of activity.

The reason … Google Adsense.

Most people think of Google Adsense as being a game-changer for advertising, but what Google Adsense has also done is to create a huge incentive to build sites around topics to place Google Adwords on. Where this seems to work best is with gadgets. There is no topic left untouched by the Adsense content builders, but gadgets are at the heart of this new Internet construction boom.

The Gadget Content Explosion

Just Another Android BlogOn November 5th, 2007 Google announced the name of its Google phone project … Android.

Name announcements are where it all starts because domaining is at the heart of SEO which is important to getting free traffic which is critical to new Internet projects getting Adsense funding. Literally, hundreds of domains have been registered since this announcement with the Android name and other variations that mean the same.

A few examples ….


All of those domains now rank in the top ten results when searching for "android blog" in Google!

Trademark Infringement? Nope!

A more schooled business person might wonder about all of this trademark infringement and think cease and desist letters will be flying to all of these new sites. Think again my old school friend! The legal community may not be aware, but trademarking is no longer enforced by a large army of corporations on the Internet. The reason is because companies have finally figured out that Internet content centered around their brands is rather GOOD for their brands!

The majority of the content I am talking about is of the good kind where these newly constructed websites become the hub for discussion, commenting, reviewing, supporting and in general getting down to the nitty-gritty of every new gadget (or every new anything) introduced to the world.  Google and the other search engines then crawl this content and in effect help turn these new web construction sites into thriving neighborhood hangouts where thousands of real people actually go.

These people become the first drivers of new products and are the early adopters who will wait in line to buy. An example of this is the recently launched Blackberry Storm available for Verizon customers. Lines were out the door at Verizon stores and most locations sold out. The word of mouth on this product spawned from thousands of websites, many of which were created to focus exclusively on the Blackberry Storm.

Search Google for "blackberry storm forum" (without quotations) and you will see these sites in the top listings:


storm-blackberry.com (with Yahoo ads)

Blackberry Yahoo Ads

These sites were produced to build a community that clicks Adwords ads. They were created because of the Adsense program, but they still do serve a greater good in my opinion, which is to be an independent source of information and Q&A.

The two most common types of sites created for Adsense are blogs and forums. Others include software downloads, niche directories and news headline type sites. Over time, domains with the product name followed by generic words that are typically searched for such as …  forum, forums, blog, video and news tend to rise to the top of search results. Website builders around the world know this and build accordingly.

Android blog searchIs the content of bad quality?

Yes and no. There are of course many spammy scraper sites that steal content from others and then automatically update the sites. However, those are not the ones usually showing up in the top search results. The site winning the search result wars for "android blog", for instance, is googleandroidblog. blogspot.com which is the number one result. The site appears to be a real hub for Google Android content and reader comments and also contains a column of Google Adwords ads!

Search for any popular gadget and you will see quality blogs, forums and news sites in top results that were created to cash in from Google Asense:

>> "Amazon Kindle blog" – amazonkindleblog.com
>> "iPhone news" – iphonestalk.com, iphonealley.com, iphone-ipod.org
>> "Wii blog" – wiiblog.net, wiispin.com (both created for Adsense)

The How-To

1. Follow the announcements on the tech news gadget sites and grab domains as soon as names are announced.

2. Build a blog or forum ASAP on the topic. It is important to build first so that Google crawls you first.

3. Create quality content written by you or experts (your friends :). It is important to not plagiarize other content on the Internet. Be distinct with your voice by using humor or technical savvyness. Do not use paid writers that write $20 articles unless you know they write quality. Quality is king, even when building for Adsense!

4. Participate in related forums and comment on blogs and news articles that relate to your topic. Be real though, do not be a comment spammer. This will get your site linked so that Google crawls it.

5. Update your site a couple times a day and make your content unique.

The Great Google Adsense Side Effect
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  • http://www.webcontenteditor.co.uk James Todman

    I ask this because as a freelance web content editor I’ve built and managed many content driven websites and blogs with Google Adsense

    Over this past year I’ve noticed the price per click that I receive has decreased dramatically- so much so that I’ve now decided it’s not worth the daily effort of updating the content for such little reward.

    To make money from content embedding affiliate links is definitely the way forward- and use Adsense sparingly just to cover the hosting cost.


  • http://www.trainingreiki.com Reiki

    I totally agree that right now is an "Adsense boom" but ironically(or not) is also much harder to earn from Adsense than a few years ago.

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind Jacobsen

    Since the whole world is moving towards being online all the time, of course it makes sense to have ads for every niche.

    We have been using online marketing and adwords for 4+ years, and it is definetely working for our niche (laughter workshops). It is extremely expensive compared to traditionel media, but the response rate is alo much higher than can be expected from traditional media.

  • http://www.brighternaming.com Athol Foden

    Its nice to blame Google for all the success.. but very traditional ways (and big, big money) were involved in making those lines go out the door for the Blackberry Storm.  Their TV ads were awesome.. for the few million of us who don’t get all our news off the internet.

    Plus there was the leftover Apple iPhone envy effect for Verizon subscribers!

  • Bob


    Your comment as follows "but trademarking is no longer enforced by a large army of corporations on the Internet. The reason is because companies have finally figured out that Internet content centered around their brands is rather GOOD for their brands!" is way off base and legally incorrect without question.

    Whether a business decides they want to enforce their trademarks or not is up to them.  But the fact of the matter is your advice is opening people up to legal troubles as many companies still do pursue enforcing their trademarks. 

    New sites can easily avoid these issues by picking a domain name that does not infringe upon them.  The domain name has little to do in the overall rankings when you are taking about top 10 sites.  I am sure you will agree it has much more to do with content and backlinks.

    Your advice is irresponsible to say the least.

    Best regards,


    • Rich Ord

      Hi Bob,

      I wasn’t giving advice, I was saying a fact. In the world of gadgets and games corporations are not in general going after domain holders using their brand in the domain.

      I don’t really get why you would make the outrageous statement that my “advice is irresponsible” when I was simply stating the obvious. All you have to do is search Google for brand names like Wii, ipod, nokia and you will see many blogs and forums with those trademarked names in the domains.

      Despite your disagreement with me, thanks for your comment.

      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

      • Steve

        Although I’ll be less inflammatory… … I would also agree it is often best to NOT use other company’s trademarked names in your url. Especially not JUST the trademark names as the url.

        Trademark owners may or may not go after violators, but that’s something that’ll hang over your head forever… especially if you become successful and (worse) profitable.

        For instance, try to get a url with Disney or Microsoft in the name…

        Many will recall a kid named Mike Row, who designed websites or something and named his website MikeRowSoft.com (iirc). And Microsoft went after him, which ended up resulting in bad PR for the company but they still ended up getting the website shut down or renamed. Celebrities have also been known to take over control of websites with their names in the url by going to court – Madonna being one I think I read about.

        A bad case scenario would be if a blogger was to build up a huge following on their website, getting 10,000 visitors and earning hundreds or thousands of dollars every day… and then the trademark owner, whose name you used for the url, comes calling with their lawyers and ends up taking it all away from you.

        That *might* be mitigated if the blog owner was smart enough to build up an email subscriber list under a different name than that url – and could then steer them all to a new url he could subsequently create with the same subject matter. But RSS Feed subscribers would be gone, along with all those trademarked website visitors. :(

        So yeah – I wouldn’t take the chance if I had a choice.

        ‘Android’ is a name that Google can’t really trademark, since it’s a word that’s been around for while and associated with something else. But trademark control factors is likely one of the reasons Intel stopped producing chips like ‘386’ and ‘486’ processors and renamed them “Pentium”. They couldn’t trademark a number, but they can trademark a new word (check the dictionary – it ain’t there). :)

        Just my two cents. Good post!

        • Steve

          Hmmm – I wonder why there are no ‘paragraphs’ in my above comment, when it was written with them (and other comments do have spacing between paragraphs)…?


  • http://thethunderchild.com Caroline Miniscule

    I used Google Adsense for 3 years, and had gradually built up my income to where it was covering hosting costs, and no more. Then, out of the blue, my account was "disabled." No warning, no explanation. I applied for reinstatement and got not response. Since I did not break TOS, I have no idea why my account was disabled, and the fact that they won’t tell me is just infuriating. It’s obviously some mistake, since, I repeat, I didnt’ break TOS, and yet I can’t fight back because they won’t explain! So I’m boycotting Google Adsense – will never click on an ad, and telling all my friends to do the same. Yeah, I know that’s just an infitisimal drop in the bucket…but if I ever win the lottery and have the werewithal to sue their asses off, I’ll do that, too!

    • max

       you are right. the biggest problem with google is, there is no communication possible with them, except at adwords where they usually replay to questions between 2 and 3 days, thats about the same speed like the horse coach mail in the wild west, see the difference ?  the forums where maybe a google employee checks in from time to time are a yoke und quite useless. google has already reached the top stage of the peter priciple, they just havnt noticed it and if they go on like this they will go bust like IBM almost did in the -90 tie. they had exactly the same attitude like google this days.

  • Guest

    Great article.  Yes, I agree we are in the stages on an advertising boom on the internet.  However, adsense earnings are down at least 30% from last year.  Looks like the corporate execs have their hand in the cookie jar again.

  • http://www.chergui-abderrahmane.blogspot.com/ CHERGUI
    it better to make the articles also in French
  • http://www.avatar-web-solutions.com/blog Tony Deegan


    I appreciate that you’re simply helping people to create sites where they might be able to make some money from the net. My only problem is that all these MFA sites, and there are hundreds of thousands at this stage, just fill the web with more or less useless pap. To give an example, I recently tried to stream a football (soccer to you guys) game and according to the SERPs returned for my very specific search I had a wealth of choices to choose from. Alas, not so. It took me over 20 minutes to trawl through slow-loading sites, all filled with adsense and containing nothing but broken links or links that led to another site where the process began again, before I finally found a way of watching the match.

    So it is for almost every product out there. Site after site that have been constructed solely to attract clicks, but lack any real content – and 200 sites containing the exact same info on a new product is, to me, a total waste of bandwidth. Of course, the new Google search wiki is proving to be quite useful in this regard – should I ever feel like searching for the same thing in the future – as it allows the user to permanently remove all the rubbish from the SERPs. Unfortunately, getting rid of it all is going to be a very time consuming ordeal.

    MFAs have a bad name because they’re 90% total, utter rubbish. The best use of adsense should be subtle. If you have a site that is proving popular because it offers the visitor something, then add some adsense by all means. But this creating sites around a topic simply so you can fill it with ads…..I consider it a form of SERPs spam.

    Call me a purist, or naive, but to quote Mister Horse from Ren & Stimpy "No Sir, I don’t like it".

  • Matt

    The author provides a very basic intro into making money with adsense, but doesnt really go indepth into how it is done.

    Here is the real advice for making money with adsense…you will not do it with either a blog or a forum. They both have notoriously low click thorugh rates. Communities DO NOT click on ads. This is basic stuff Rich !!! 

    What the author should say is that review sites for the gadgets mentioned are more appropriate. Adsense ads should also be laid out in the best way to attract eyeballs and then clicks. 

    Also, just having a keyword in the domain is not going to get you traffic (if you want Google traffic, MSN may send you visitors though).

    Anyone wanting the low down on Adsense should type ‘Joel Comm’ into Google.

    @ James Todman…heres some advice man….UPDATE YOUR SITE…and watch traffic and those adsense CPMs increase!!!




    • Rich Ord

      Hi Matt,

      My article was designed to point out to the larger audience of WebProNews that is interested in Internet trends that there are thousands of sites now being constructed purely to cash in from Adsense. Additionally, many of these sites are of decent quality and are useful to readers, not just scraper sites.

      I agree with you that review sites for gadgets deliver a much higher click rate than forums or general blogs. This is due to the fact that people who come to a post in a review style blog or site from a search engine are more likely searching as a precursor to buying the product being reviewed.

      Regarding the product domain naming strategy, I am not advocating it, just noting that this is what many popular gadget blogs/forums are doing and that the strategy is working for them. Is this the most important SEO tactic, definitely not.


      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

  • Stu C

    This is from personal experience and not something I pulled out of the air. I see adsence as a scam because its sole purpose is to redirect your customers to other online stores. In turn they pay you a few cents for doing so hence the word Adsense or Ad-Cents. When your balance hits one-hundred dollars Adsense sends you a pin number and you enter your bank information for direct deposit. Then the Adsense group checks your site for content and if any of your links take people to any site that even sells women’s underwear your account will be suspended and they will not pay you the money you earn. Adsense owed me just under $200 when they sent me my letter. Adsense is scam who offers an incentive to seal your business and then doesn’t pay you.

    • Daniel

      Adsense is not scam is a business, you are an associate and the revenue is shared between google and the editor(YOU).


      It seems you are not using it.

  • http://siaargroup.blogspot.com Siaar

    It seems i have to do the research for the above topic – to see wheter it is correct or wrong.

  • http://life.wastedboy.net Wastedboy

    I’m guilty of this. I, one of the millions of bloggers out there is also trying hard to establish a presence online, and for what – to earn, and Google’s Adsense has been on the top of the list. Nonetheless, I make sure that I have quality posts.

  • http://www.iguanaheating.com Central heating

    I feel affiliate adverts work better than adsense. Unless you build your site right and place the adsense ads in the right places and in matching colours to your site the click through rate is always low (and so is the pay!), and by doing this to increase CTR you are almost trying to fool people into thinking the ads are part of the content and not ads at all.

    Secondly the quality of the ads is often bad and unrelated to your site, form the other side I find advertising on the content network a waste of time if you have not hand picked the sites for the ads to go on and written the ad for the content network rather than search. Sadly the content network is on by default in Adwords so you get bad quality ads. I aslo feel it can make your site seem cheap, mainly because you associate seeing them on spammy sites.

    With affiliate adverts you can choose exactly what you advertise and who with more professional looking ads. With a gadget site as you mentioned you can link directly to the product you are talking about (and that hopefully your visitors are interested in). Still as with adsense you need decent traffic to convert it to earnings, and not only that but good quality traffic

  • http://www.balistupa.com Bali Web Design

    nice how to. in this information era we need increase our financial IQ to use information as new income.

  • Lele

    So far, I am happy with Adsense. I get only about 60 to 120 hits a day, but I have been able to earn between $80 and $150 a month. You just have to figure out how to make Adsense work on your site with ad placement and colors. Now, I wish I could figure out how to get more traffic to my site! That’s the hard one. I used to have Amazon affiliate ads and that was a total waste of time.

  • http://eddy2554.blogspot.com eddy

    asense is still the best until now

    • http://www.videoconverterosx.net Video Converter OS X

      change ethe derection.

  • http://www.peacerumble.com Chris

    Affiliate links I agree is and can be more rewarding, if you have traffic for your content. I use adsense as a space holder to complete my pages.

  • http://www.guyotbrothers.com/ SGuyot

    We are producers of brass jewelry findings for costume jewelry manufacturers and the related trades. Because of the nature of search and the fact that one of the keywords in most of our important phrases is “jewelry”, we found ourselves with a fair amount of traffic that really did not want to be at our site, adsense has provided a way for us to redirect this traffic and at the same time put a nickel or two toward our hosting expense. We have been able to use some of the revenue to create more content that enhances the experience of a lot of our visitors.

  • http://www.sclsports.com Macgyver

    I use adwords with content marketing for my site http://www.sclsports.com which is selling soccer jersey, This is adsense place at other website. It generate hugh impression and click per day. So I have to pay a lot to google. Google charge to my credit card on every $50 outstanding. But google suspend account which have high adsense click though rate and lock the money. Does this mean google bill me but most of the time find its way to delay or no payment to adsense webmaster.

    • Guest

      I bought a jersey from your site and never got it. I emailed you to tell of the problem, and you promised to send another jersey which I also never got. I tried to email you to get a refund but the contact email listed on your site does not work. I tried to leave feedback through the form on your site and got no reply.

      To anyone thinking of dealing with sclsports.com, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS INTERNET SCAMMER!

      • Bryan

        Purchased 2 jerseys first week of August – waited 5 weeks. Sent email to vendor – replied, stating that package was lost, and would resend one of the other two items, and credit me for the second one. Asked for but never received tracking numbers. Said he would resend on September 20. Never received package or credit on my account. It is now November 6. Would love for this guy to do the right thing, but I guess that’ll never happen. If looking for reasonably priced soccer jerseys around $30 USD – try www.bornprosper.com. I’ve had good luck with him in the past.

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