The FSG Goes To Work In Asia

    May 31, 2006

A nonprofit organization trying to prevent the fragmentation of Linux is picking up its activities in Asia. The Free Standards Group (FSG) is standardizing the handling of Chinese characters, and working with the Chinese government to establish the Chinese Linux certification laboratory.

The FSG develops and promotes open-source standards. Its projects include OpenI18N, OpenPrinting, and the FSG Accessibility Workgroup, in addition to Linux Standard Base (LSB). “We believe the Free Standards Group and the Linux Standard Base are very important to growing the Linux market,” said Masatoshi Yoshida, General Manager, Linux Software Development Division, Fujitsu Limited. “The Linux Standard Base will make it easier and more stable for ISVs to support Linux and their customers. FSG is the key organization in that space and we are happy to join FSG and lend our support to FSG.”

Several Japanese IT vendors, including Fujitsu Limited, have joined the FSG’s latest effort. “Japanese vendors . . . joining the FSG is a great milestone for the organization,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director. “We look forward to working closely with them and representing their interests in our Linux open standards projects.” There were already a number of powerful FSG members, including HP, IBM, INTEL, and Dell.

Zemlin will speak at LinuxWorld Tokyo on June 1. In a keynote, he will emphasize the importance of cooperation between hardware and software vendors to prevent the fragmentation of Linux. He should also address the function of Linux in the Asian market.

The FSG claims it “fulfills a critical need to establish and promote open standards uniquely designed for open source.” With their work to standardize and promote Linux in Asia, the organization is living up to its word.

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